Additional Moto X+1 details tipped on Motorola’s site – carriers, storage options, and more


Sprint Moto X+1 FLEXR2 page

After making a small, semi official, appearance last week on Motorola’s site, the Motorola Moto X+1 is popping up on our radar yet again. Reddit member Octopenis did a little digging into the XML on Motorola.com and what he found was a few additional clues about the the Moto X+1, including color and possible storage configurations.

According to the code, which shows the Moto+1 as the “FLEXR2” (last year’s Moto X was the FLEXR1), we have Verizon, AT&T, and Sprint variants of the Moto X+1, with no mention of T-Mobile. It’s not much, but the fact that there are specific URLs for each of the carrier “front plates” is leading some to suspect the Moto X+1 could be branded with carrier logos on the front. Of course, it’s nothing solid.

Motorola Moto X+1 FLEXR2

When digging around on the Moto X+1 page for the Sprint variant, the phone is only listed as coming in either 16GB or 32GB storage configurations, along with the color options black or white. Once again, it’s nothing too official, but this could be a clue that Motomaker will once again be a carrier exclusive for the Moto X+1 at launch.

There was also mention of leather color options: grey, black, blue, and red. This lines up perfectly with what we heard from @evleaks towards the middle of last month.

As one of the year’s most anticipated Android flagships (we know we’re excited), we’ll continue scouring the net in search of anything else we can dig up on the Motorola Moto X+1. In the meantime, how are you guys feeling about the possible 16/32GB storage options?


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  1. I’m sick to death of 16GB being acceptable on anything but a low end budget phone! We have rumors of 2K displays c coming, there’s 128GB micro SD cards, and in the time we’ve gone from 1GB to 3GB as common RAM, it’s still standard to have only 16GB of internal memory? That’s just bull.

    1. Agreed!

    2. More options never hurt. There’s plenty of people who only need 16GB and don’t want to spend extra money on unused storage.

      I do understand your point though… not offering 64GB is dumb these days.

    3. I understand your frustrations, but you have to realize that companies will still have sales regardless.

    4. I don’t need more than 16GB. Neither do millions of other people who buy phones with that level of storage or less. I’m sick to death of people thinking that just because they want something a certain way, other people shouldn’t get the options they want. I’d much rather they forget about giving me more storage and work on giving me a battery that lasts 4-5 days, but I don’t comment on every column whining that everything should be made the way I want.

      1. I think the issue is 32GB is a trivial cost to manufacturers and as such, shouldn’t charge 50-100 more for it. So it should just be standard.

      2. It’s not just about the user, as operating systems get bigger and bigger, the need for higher capacity storage options is there.

      3. Agreed. I’ve always bought all my phones with 16GB storage and never had an issue. Most people assume that it’s “normal” to have hundreds of data-intense apps and thousands of songs/photos on their phone.

        16GB has been more than enough to store all my music and all the photos and apps that I need. I would not want to pay $50-100 for another 16GB of storage.

        1. That’s great that 16GB is sufficient for you but we can see there’s a large portion of other consumers who demand larger internal storage and there’s nothing wrong with that. As far as I see it that’s a very practical demand from them. Yes, many mobile device makers do offer larger internal storage options but the gulf in price between the standard 16GB and 32GB is unjustifiably too large.

          1. i agree with you that many have a right to protest for larger storage. I just disagree with the assertion that those who do not need more storage should boycott 16gb phones for the “greater good.” I’m not saying you believe that but i have heard it before.

          2. Who’s advocating for a boycott? I’ve never seen that myself. I would imagine those who would simply because they couldn’t have a larger storage option are children and should just simply be ignored. Something like that is just wildly unreasonable.

            I keep preaching the same thing that when it comes to subjects like this we must divorce ourselves from emotion.

          3. i’ve seen it two or 3 times, and yeah its silly.

          4. Oh geeze, that’s sad. Examples like that make me weep for humanity.

        2. There shouldn’t be a $50-100 difference in price between 16GB and 32GB models in the first place. Flash memory is cheap. There’s no justification for a price difference of more than $20.

        3. We are not saying to eliminate 16 GB versions but it simply isn’t enough for MOST people.yes I said MOST. 32GB should be standard with a slightly cheaper 16GB version available and a 64GB variant as a premium.

          The OnePlus One has a 16GB version and a 64GB version and only $50 difference. That right there should tell you the cost of flash memory

      4. I contest your notion that other consumers don’t want you to have certain features because they want larger internal storage options. I do think that the vast majority of them would agree with you in wanting better batteries. That’s par for the course.

        16GB really should not be a standard option any longer. It’s 2014. Media files are getting larger because of higher quality standards, cloud services aren’t for eveyone, cameras built into today’s flagship devices record 4k video, games are getting larger… etc.

        When it comes to larger internal storage, it’s better to have it and not need it than need it and not have it.

      5. If 16GB meets your needs, then 32GB (or anything >16GB) will also meet your needs. Flash memory is cheap nowadays. There’s no point in offering models with less than 32GB, except in low-end, cheapy phones.

        To add to this, the price differences between 16GB and 32GB models tend to be ridiculous. The difference in cost is very little, yet they often charge $50 more for 32GB than 16GB. There’s no reason there should be more than a $20 difference, and at that point, why bother offering two models.

    5. lg g2 is your friend

    6. 100% agree. Internal storage has seriously lagged behind other aspects of mobile device evolution. You covered many great examples. Manufactures can create these insanely large Micro SD cards, higher definition displays, more powerful processors, more RAM installed and yet the base internal storage option remains at 16GB.

      The other major problem I personally have with the standard storage option in many of these flagship devices is NONE of these companies are coming out in front and stating how much internal storage is left over AFTER the OS uses what it needs to run the device.

      That should be displayed prominently. Moto X+1, 16GB (xxGB left over for user).

      I’m talking about front and center in adverts. Show what’s left over after the OS takes what it needs. Front and center, not buried in the details.

      If manufactures have a problem installing Micro SD slots then they should offer base internal storage versions at 32GB AT LEAST. Google and others aggressive push for consumers to use cloud services hasn’t helped the situation.

  2. Need moar storage.

    1. Honestly, I feel like in 2014, 32GB should be the minimum by now.

      Of course for the Moto X+1, I was fully expecting them to skimp out on some spec to keep costs low (they got all those American factory workers to pay).

      Hoping for a minimum of a Snapdragon 800 in the X8 processor or I’ll rage.

      1. Riot Punch!

      2. 32GB is a good expectation to have, but not entirely realistic. What are you doing with your device to have that as a baseline? In the last couple of years there has not been a significant enough increase in on-the-device storage. I highly doubt that the majority of the population is burning through that much space, or even 16GB for that matter. For those of us who are enthusiasts, things like Project Ara will be fulfilling our dreams in the next few years.

  3. Loved the MotoX, but this time around, my sights are on the DE. Can’t wait for it.

      1. DevEd

      2. ah, that brought back a lot of memories lmao

  4. Tell me the price and then I’ll complain.

  5. i hope the price is lower this time. The Moto X had no reason to be so expensive at launch with such mid-range specs.


    1. You were paying for the features with that phone, not so much the specs

      1. They would’ve sold a whole lot more to people like me who balked at the last-gen specs and the top drawer price. Lower price or higher specs and I most likely would’ve got one. I’m actually looking forward to the X+1 though, so long as the specs match my N5 then I’ll get it.

        1. The Nexus is an anomaly. Most devices in the range of the Nexus 5 are valued much higher than they sell that particular device for. Blowing 600 to 700 dollars on a premium smartphone is pretty standard. Specs are far less important than they once were, especially with the level of integration of the OS on the device. I anticipate returning to Android on the arrival of the X+1.

        2. Think of it as the iPhone. Premium pricing for sub par specs, granted, it doesn’t need the latest bleeding edge specs. But, compared to the competition? You’re pretty much paying for the same design since the iPhone 4 with slightly raised specs and oh yeah… touch ID.

          1. It’s not about the high specs, the greatly improved UI is worth the extra $$$. Maybe not at launch price but certainly now.

        3. Sorry to say it, but it was your loss. The people who bought it, loved it, and continue to do so.

          1. Perhaps. I don’t regret waiting for the N5 one bit, but like I said, the X+1 will get serious consideration when it’s released. Not sure how I’ll feel about going down in screen size though, if it remains 4.7″ – hopefully all the positives will be enough to overlook the slight downgrade. Really hope it’s 1080p as well, I’m not really prepared to go back to 720p now.

          2. I did and I do!!!

          3. I did & I do

  6. Must haz waterproof….

  7. Octopenis..

  8. I am glad that they are not going to offer a T-Mobile variant, they didn’t with the X. T-Mobile will just use the unlocked one from the website, with the added benefit of no carrier branding or bloatware.

    1. You also lose the benefit of paying through an EIP or JUMP! And even though some of their bloatware is useless, Wi-Fi calling is a nice thing to have. If you really wanted an unlocked model I’m sure Motorola would sell it regardless of if Tmo was carrying a branded phone.

  9. I think is a nice budget smarphone, quite better than Nokia x


  10. MicroSD slot and I’m in!!

    1. I’m asking this question out of genuine curiosity, not trying to be smart…why exactly is a microsd slot so important? What are you using your sd card for? I ask, because, I too, felt that way, but after getting phones without sd card slots, I quickly realized that 32gb was well enough storage for my needs, but I realize there are still alot of people out there who still want an sd card slot.

      1. those who dont get a solid 1mbps connection, or do not have unlimited data, i would assume. Sure, 32GB is enough for most peoples apps, a handful of music and pictures, many could not add their whole music library onto their phone and still fit apps and pictures. No for me, i supplement this with the cloud and streaming. i dont take a ton of photos and use google music to store my entire library and have spotify as well. However, i am lucky. not only do i have unlimited data (im on sprint) i also am in an area with a massive 4g LTE footprint, as well as tons of wifi access. those things would not work if i didn’t have unlimited, reliable data. So i get the appeal…

        1. Makes sense too. I, like you, also have unlimited data and a strong LTE connection.

      2. I swap phones about once every week. Not having an SD card means I have to put everything in the cloud. Putting everything in the cloud means I have to worry more about battery life and the time consumed pulling it down. I have unlimited data, so that wouldn’t be an issue.

        Are they required for me? No. But it sure makes life easier for me.
        (Work, not personal, in case you wondered why I change phones so much and have things I HAVE to keep on me.)

        1. That makes perfect sense. If you are swapping phones often, I totally get it.

      3. To be honest I was having the same kind of thinking for phones without an SD card slot, but you are totally right. I am an idiot, I download and see lots of YouTube videos, in 720p and 1080p and watch it on my phone. Now my S4 had 16 GB space by default, 11 GB was available. So I bought a 32 GB SanDisk and found that almost always 50% space of that SD card remains free. So that means I need around 15 GB (of the SD card), and another 7-8 GB (phone memory), so a total of 22-23 GB, and that’s more than enough for me, and I am sure a lot of other users are there who won’t need the space of more than 32 GB. So a phone with 32 GB internal memory should do absolutely fine IMHO, I won’t mind the lack of SD card slot at all.

      4. As gaming downloads continue to increase in size much, many 2+ GBs, more storage is going to be required. Unfortunately, you can’t store games in the cloud. It’s weird how manufacturers have pushed pixels, processing speeds, RAM, megapixels, screen sizes to the limits (some argue overkill), but continue to offer the same size 16 GB storage from 2009.

        1. They are all in cahoots with the carriers to force people to the cloud and use more tiered data. Besides, any time a manufacturer can “get” away with saving $5 on their BoM they will. It would take something major like Apple or Samsung making 32/64/128GB options across the board at the “usual” price points to make everyone else follow suit.

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  12. lol @ Octopenis

  13. I really hope this gets a T-Mobile release. I would love to use JUMP! to get it for my fiance and I. I can understand why Tmo passed on the X, Motorola wasn’t making the best devices for a while, but they’ve really turned things around. It’d be a shame if Tmo didn’t carry the X+1

  14. Will this phone come out from Moto under Lenovo or old Moto with Google?

    1. Everything in the pipeline is still “old” Google stuff. You won’t see any Lenovo-inspired releases until this time next year .

  15. Same old, same old 16/32 options, getting very old!!!

    1. UNLESS they are joining the trend started by the Moto E and LTE Moto G and bringing microSD slots back!?! Stranger things have happened…look at HTC with the One Max and M8!

  16. 16 GB for the base model? What is this 2009? My HTC EVO 4G had 16 GB. This is more like the Moto X-1.

  17. Also with Kit Kat not allowing Apps2sd at least not working Aops2sd that’s a killer for storage

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