Get your easily digested news with the new Yahoo News Digest app for Android [VIDEO]

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Yahoo has announced that their super clean, easy and refreshing news app — Yahoo News Digest — has now made its way over to Android. The app features a simple, clean and smooth user interface and gives you quick access to the world’s top stories of the day and night. ItĀ also features a widget which keeps track of what you’ve read inside or outside of the app.

What makes Yahoo News Digest different? Each story is accompanied by information from Wikipedia, related articles, maps of the story’s origin, videos, photos and more, and is all laid out in a way that’s — you guessed it — easy to digest.

The app is split up into four categories depending on where you are or what’s important to you. Canadian, American and United Kingdom editions focus on news relevant to those countries and will be delivered to you at 8am and 6pm everyday, while the international edition delivers around-the-clock world news.

If you don’t fancy getting your news from one source, using something like Flipboard, or having to subscribe to more than one publication to get all the news you need then it’s worth giving Yahoo’s offering a shot. Find it for free over at Google Play.

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  • dhinged

    Wow, a gigantic picture that takes up half the screen! cause pictures tell a thousand words right?! well then who needs words? Just show pictures!!

    • kwaping

      Way to scan the article and make an ignorant comment. At least watch the video, or heaven-forbid, TRY the free app.

      • dhinged

        I did read the article and try the app, and it’s very nice by the way, and just because I don’t like that the picture takes half the screen or that you don’t agree with me doesn’t mean I did neither of those things or am ignorant, but thanks for jumping to conclusions.