Mysterious new Google “Flounder” device pops up in bug reports — new Nexus tablet?


A new device by Google that seems to be in testing around the Mountain View campus, you say? How exciting! A recent Chromium bug report has tipped us off to the existence of an unknown Google device.

The report references “google/volantis/flounder” as the device’s build fingerprint, which lets us know that its codename is Flounder. If you know how Nexus codenames work, you’d know that the Google team has been exceptionally fond of fish and other water-bound creatures in the past. One variant of the Nexus 7 was codenamed Grouper and the Nexus 5 was codenamed Hammerhead in case you didn’t know.

The bug report doesn’t really give us much more meaningful information than that, though we imagine this could be the forthcoming Nexus 7 refresh or Nexus 8 introduction that is expected to go down at Google I/O this summer. There’s still no telling what we’re in store for when it comes to that, so we’ll just have to wait until more Googlers get a lot more careless and start leaking out more information (intentionally or otherwise).

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  • JaswinderSinghJammu

    Flounder..It’s sounds good for lunch right about now.

  • Chimphappyhour

    Flounder…. Nexus program….. must have been the code name for the Nexus Q! :-P

    I’ll grab my coat and run now.

    • rstat1

      That was tungsten actually.

      • Chimphappyhour

        I’ll wait for the joke to sink in.

        • rstat1

          Yes yes I got the joke. I was just making an attempt to mess it up.

          • Lactose_the_Intolerant

            A winner is you :p

          • Chimphappyhour

            You username is so full of win! (Unless you drink milk. Then it probably isn’t.)

  • Derek Ross

    HTC Nexus, I see you.

    • William D.

      I will sell my Nexus 10 so fast if it is a good tab.

    • tbonefsg

      Terrible code name considering the success of htc flyer. But I hope it is the htc nexus 8

    • Roaduardo

      With Micro SD support? I will throw my wallet at the cashier if it has it!

  • Phaz0n

    Maybe this is their rumored Chrome tablet. Hmm..

  • Tyler Fox

    Nexus 6?? Yeah I’m just gonna call it now, nexus 6.

  • Guest

    Im gonna go ahead and say its the nexus 6, yeah nexus 6.

  • Marsg

    I used to enjoy the launch of new nexus devices but then I went to Verizon.

    • William D.

      Not dissimilar to taking an arrow to the knee.

    • shonangreg

      You can’t WiFi tether to your phone on verizon? I have a 7GB/month@$70 plan* on docomo in Japan. WiFi tethering is where 90% of my data goes. As long as my phone is basically functional, it really frees me from caring about what cellco is offering what tablets.

      * There are slightly cheaper options here, including an MVNO or two, but none of them have worked out for me yet.

  • ChicagoBob

    Flounder? O CMon thats not the name for a new device..

  • irishrally

    Nexus 10 = Mantaray

    • Lactose_the_Intolerant

      Moto Xoom wifi only = Wingray
      Moto Xoom 3G/4G = Stingray

      Both were 10″ tablets… GG Samsung for using same naming “format” on N10.

      • irishrally

        What’s GG? I’m old.

        • Lactose_the_Intolerant

          Heh – probably not age related, no worries :p It’s more a gamer thing – generally means ‘good game’ (sometimes sarcastically) or ‘Good Guy’

          Also: age is not a valid reason to not game :p

  • Jim Philips

    This is new?! I have a Nexus 7. When I went to reinstall the AOSP, it had a device name of “flo” or :founder”. The bootloader has to match the device name.

  • Curtis Coburn

    I would love to buy another Nexus tablet. I sure hope that Google doesn’t kill off the Nexus brand. It’s so great for both consumers and OEMs.

  • Jonathan Hayes

    4 years from now when this device gets released, this article will be a classic lol.

  • Micha Ols

    I want a new N10. Since I returned my New Padfone Infinity and bought a Nexus 5, I am on a hunt for a good 10″ tablet. But none of the existing tablets seems to fit my needs.
    I’m counting on you Google I/O!