Google Camera update reintroduces image capture while recording video [DOWNLOAD]


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When it debuted in the Play Store last month, the Google Camera may not have been packed to the brim with advanced photo features, but the few tricks it did have up its sleeve, it managed to do relatively well. Unfortunately, one feature a few of you noticed was absent from the app after Google’s big overhaul was the ability to snap pictures while recording video. Nowadays most “stock” camera applications have this feature and it’s one that, in some cases, could come in handy.

Google Camera video screenshot

Simply tap the screen while recording video to take a picture/screenshot

In the latest Google Camera update 2.1.042 (1154629-30) rolling out now, Google is once again adding back the ability to snap a pic while recording video, executed by merely tapping the screen during video capture. It’s nothing too fancy. Essentially, the app is merely taking a screenshot of whatever is being recorded — not snapping an actual full resolution image from the hardware camera.

This means images are saved at 1920×1080 resolution and are barely a few kbs in size. A far cry from the results you’d see from Android devices like the HTC One M8 which snaps photos in their full 4MP while recording video. Guess it’s better than nothing.

Again, the update is rolling out right now but for those that don’t feel like waiting, you can always sideload the updated app by downloading it here. Enjoy.

Download/update on Google Play: Google Camera

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  1. Thumbs down for MacBook pic.

    1. I refuse to buy apple products but the Air (in my opinion) is the sexiest laptop out there. Oh how I envy its battery life.

      1. Battery life, weight, size, photo/video editing capabilities — it’s a workhorse that I can take anywhere without breaking my back. I’m no fanboy, but it’s needed for someone in my line of work. Display resolution is balls though :/

        1. Zenbook UX301?

        2. check out the Acer S7

      2. I don’t want to put money into apple’s pockets but the MacBook pro is looking like a really nice college laptop(multi touch keypad is too convenient since I’m used to a Chromebook) right now and I don’t see any other laptops that I would like better. I’ll be willing to look at suggestions Btw

  2. How bout they introduce uninterrupted video recording. I’m gonna smash my nexus the next time I’m in the middle of recording something awesome and a phone call or notification shuts it off and ruins it. Ridiculous!!!

  3. Would that method make it more compatible with random phones? I’m guessing they do it that way because there’s a lot going on with a camera that’s recording. So to take a snapshot while recording and not losing that recording point seems kinda difficult to implement across different devices with the same app.

    Just my guess as to why it’s like that.

  4. Advanced Features? How about it’s not packed with basic features.

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