Samsung Galaxy Tab S to feature first-of-its-kind 2560×1600 AMOLED display, fingerprint scanner [RUMOR]

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Fingerprint scanners are all the rage these days. As our mobile devices hold more and more personal data, it’s important to offer convenient, low-level security features to help keep them locked tight. According to the folks at SamMobile, Samsung is prepping a new tablet line dubbed the Samsung Galaxy Tab S launching later this year in both 8.4-inch and 10.5-inch varieties.

We know, it was only a few weeks ago Samsung announced the wallet-friendly Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 in 7, 8, an 10-inch flavors. But Samsung is planning something special for this rumored Galaxy Tab S, said to feature a stunning 2560×1600 resolution AMOLED display as its pièce de résistance — a first of its kind.

To help keep the tablet safe from unwanted guests, Samsung will once again turn to a fingerprint scanner — as found on the recently launched Samsung Galaxy S5 — integrated inside the tablet’s home button. While some may have seen Samsung’s attempt at a fingerprint scanner in the Galaxy S5 as a “me too” iPhone feature, they just might be able to beat Apple to the punch by being first to throw it inside a tablet. Other Galaxy Tab S specs include:

Samsung Galaxy Tab S specs

  • Octa-core Exynos 5 (5420) featuring four 1.9GHz Cortex-A15 cores, and four 1.3GHz Cortex-A7 cores – 6-core ARM Mali-T628 GPU clocked at 533MHz
  • 3GB of 32-bit dual-channel 933 MHz LPDDR3e RAM
  • 8MP (3264×2448) camera with 1080p Full HD video recording / 2.1-Megapixel (1920×1080) front facing camera
  • IR blaster
  • Perforated “leather” design a la Samsung Galaxy S5

Expect WiFi and LTE variants for both the 8.4-ich and 10.5-inch models. No word on expected launch date or pricing, but we suspect Samsung’s Unpacked episode 2 event could be a likely place to unveil a new tablet lineup. We’ll keep you posted.

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  • John-Phillip Saayman

    First of its kind resolution? Wasn’t that resolution used in the Tab pro range already? Or am I not getting it? Edit : oh I guess it was meant that it’s the first amoled display with that resolution.

    • Vanakatherock

      It’s scLCD. AMOLED looks better.

  • ac

    I’m still waiting for an updated version of the Note 8.0 that I can upgrade to! I’ve loved my Note 8.0 up until this point, but seeing as they’ve managed to create the tabs with less side bezel, I want an upgraded version of the Note 8.0 with less side bel also or even upgraded to 8.4 inch, like the tab series.

    • Fel Pe

      Me too, I’m eagerly waiting for the Note 8 2014. If it comes with 2K AMOLED and fingerprint scanner I’ll be even happier!!

  • RaiDei

    Hey, it’s yet ANOTHER tablet line from Samsung. That’s what, 4 tablet lines? It wouldn’t be so bad if they phased one out before they launched a new one, but damn, all of them are on sale at the same time.

    Galaxy Tab
    Galaxy Tab Pro
    Galaxy Tab S
    Galaxy Note

    • Fel Pe

      What’s wrong with that?

      • Bart Heuts

        In the eyes of the normal consumers, most of these tablets are the same.

        • Mitchel White

          with the exception of the price points. For people who dont see the difference, they can get the cheaper ones and save money.

    • Bart Heuts

      You forgot notepro lol

      • Mitchel White

        Note Pro is part of the Pro line, Tab Pro isnt really a line.

  • Fel Pe

    Very cool! Put a S-Pen in it and take my money Samsung!!!

  • Crimsonshadow774

    And for the first time since the original Galaxy Tab, a Samsung tab peaks my interest.

  • solemnservant

    can someone tell me the difference in the note tablets and the galaxy tabs? so confusing

    • Bart Heuts

      Note has a build in stylus pen and even more software features. However, if even more softwarefeatures is a good thing, you need to decide for yourself.

      • solemnservant

        thanks, what about size ratio is there a big difference? and why don’t they just implement all of the features in one tablet anyways?

        • Bart Heuts

          Size options are mostly the same. Tab comes in 7, 8, and 10 inch, while note comes in 8, 10, and 12 inch (albeit the 12 inch is called notepro for some reason). As for your second question, differentiation.

    • Mitchel White

      Its really not as simple as below, but it is simple, there are really 3 lines of tablets, Tab, Note, and Pro.

      The tab line is the basic mid level tablet available in 7. 8, and 10.1. The screens are 720p and the processor is not as fast and does not have as much ram. Also the camera is not as good.

      The Note line is more there high end line. Currently offered at only 10.1 inches. The Note of course comes with the pen. It also has a 2k resolution display, Octo core processor, 3gb ram, and a 8mp rear camera.

      The Pro line is really samsungs top of the line, offered at 8.3, 10.1, 12.2. The pros are also split into sub categories, Tab (avaible in 8.4, 10.1, and 12.2) and Note (12.2 only). The pros really have mostly the same specs as the Note 2014 edition (with the exception of the 8.4 with a 2.3ghz quad core). The 2 key differences with the Pro vs Note though is that the Pro series has Hancom office (which is really nice) and there alittle faster, the octo’s in the pros can fire all 8 cores at once where the note 2014 can only fire 1 of its quad core processors at a time.

      Most of the software features really are shared between all there current tablets (Tab 4 not tab 3) All have multi window, multi user, sidesync 3.0, all that good stuff. The Tab 4s also have a optional kids mode avaible and like the pros, have hancom office.

      Just to go a little more in depth :)

  • itpromike

    The important question is performance. Samsung specs are always up there but the performance is usually flat. Let’s see all those cores and power consumption do something in benchmarks and real world performance, then we’ll talk.

  • Jason Farrell

    As long as it doesn’t have a physical home button, the 8.4″er will be on my very short list, with the rumored Nexus 8″ at #1.

  • Michael

    So what’s the difference between this and the tab pro?

  • Lizzie OQuinn

    I just got the tab 4 and compared to the tab 3 it is way better. It has a much smoother feel, it’s lightweight, the resolution is superb and it’s much faster. I’m in love.