HTC One M8 unlocked and Developer Editions now receiving Extreme Power Saving Mode update

HTC One M8 extreme power saving mode

After the HTC One M8 in Canada began receiving its 1.54 update which enabled the handset to enter an extreme low power state — better known as “Extreme Power Saving Mode” — some were wondering why the SIM unlocked and Developer Edition versions of the handsets were left high and dry.

It’s a bit unconventional, but we’re now seeing that same update (software build 1.54.1540.9) hit SIM unlocked/Dev Edition handsets. Aside from EPSM, the update also brings with it “camera and gallery feature enhancements,” pretty much the same changelog we saw hit America Jr. M8’s a few weeks back.

As for carrier branded models in the US, currently only Sprint models were updated over-the-air with Extreme Power Saving Mode, a software feature that first needed approval from the FCC before it could officially hit handsets here in the states. No word on when we can expect 1.54 to begin rolling out for T-Mobile, AT&T, or Verizon HTC One M8s, but we’ll keep you posted.

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  • Matt Cropley

    Just root and instal viper Rom and you get it. It’s quite amazing. My m8 last days now

    • Chris Chavez

      But there’s no background data, correct? Sounds like this would only be good for those extreme emergency situations as it transforms your smartphone into a dumbphone (only capable of making calls/sending texts).

      • malcmilli

        does foreground data still work? I could actually live with out background data… back in my evo 4g days i developed the habit of turning on/off data everytime i unlocked my phone

      • jfelts

        I thought it did background data on the apps of your choosing, No?

      • Matt Cropley

        Correct. As soon as you turn it on you lose background data. I use it in situations where i won’t be using my phone for much. I.e at night. Still able to receive emergency phone calls but lose no more then 2-4% on battery

  • steveb944

    Extreme Power Saving Mode ENGAGED!! All phones should have a feature like this for when in dire situations.

  • Harold Goldner

    I simply do not understand the firmware numbering. The current Verizon firmware is 1.55. 605.2 which does *not* contain the extreme powersave mode (although many of us with rooted handsets have it anyway). So this “update” is an older version of the firmware?

  • keith

    any info on exactly what was enhanced in the camera and gallery???

  • Brendan126

    So if I’m rooted with stock firmware still but twrp would I be able to take the ota?