Android Wallpaper: Isometric Patterns

android wallpaper

Customizing your device is a process that never ends. One of the easiest and most noticeable things you can change is the wallpaper. Finding the perfect wallpaper can be difficult, but we’re here to help. We will be sharing some of our favorite wallpapers from time to time. This week the theme is “Isometric Patterns.”

I like to use wallpaper that has flat designs or patterns. It makes the app icons really stand out from the background. The five wallpapers below have been in my collection for a while. If you like these types of wallpapers too I have posted them below for your downloading pleasure.

Just click on the one you want to see it in full size, then you can save it to your device. All of these wallpapers are in HD resolutions that should work for most phones and tablets. Enjoy!

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  • noelsito

    Yes thank you! As a dude that prefers the stock arrangement on my Nexus 4, the only customization I do is with the wallpaper. Grawcias

    • Sean Royce

      Dude, you’re not taking advantage of the power of Android.

      • noelsito

        Oh I have, but those days are over for me…for now :)

  • Sean Royce

    Thanks for these, wish there were more though. If anyone could provide a link with photos like these in FHD that’d be very much appreciated.

    • Joe Fedewa

      I’ll be doing more in the future :)

      • Sean Royce

        Thanks mate.

  • Joshua Simpson

    Joe, I thought you own a Windows Phone and as far as I know those don’t have backgrounds except for on the lockscreen. Am I wrong? Have you left WinSource and WP in favour of Android and Phandroid? Please enlighten me! : D

    • Joe Fedewa

      Actually, in Windows Phone 8.1 you can add backgrounds to the Start Screen.

  • mattpyles

    This is the one I am using, and something I designed.

    • Bryan McNamara


      • Riley Biers

        lmfao damn girl that was harsh

      • mattpyles

        Yeah it probably is, but with the moonshine icon pack it actually looks freaking sweet.

    • Aooga

      Looks nice!

  • cory burke

    Ceystal Horizon is my new background. Thanks a ton. Looks awesome.