Deal: Motorola’s one-day $299 Moto X sale is now live

moto x one day sale

If you didn’t already have your alarms set to wake up and get a Moto X for $299 this morning, then let this serve as a handy wake-up call. It’s simple: design your off-contract customized Moto X — either the 16GB standard edition, the 32GB standard edition, or the developer edition — and checkout.

The latter two options cost just $24 more than typical pricing, so be sure to consider that if you think you might need more storage or want the flexibility of an unlockable botloader. The sale ends at 11:59pm eastern tonight so hop to it quick.

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  • moises1204

    a little late for this, is my opinion! motorola should have done this two or tree month ago.

    • JevyJav

      They did

  • NardVa

    No thanks. Oneplus is right around the corner.

    • crocop24

      Around the corner? LOL….the average consumer will be lucky to get it by August

  • Jerel Butler

    The tmobile variant is dev edition
    Just gsm

  • Justice Dean

    I realize im over zealous here but : Warning: T-Mobile variant does NOT support their band 12 purchase from verizon. This would make the T-Mobile very competitive in sparse markets like mine due to its penetrating abilities. I’ve emailed them about this but no response.

    My advise don’t get T-Mobile variant yet if you want better coverage.

    Edited Band 12 thanks

    • h4rr4r

      You mean BAND 12, spectrum 12 makes no sense.

      T-Mobile likely will not be using that spectrum for quite sometime. Why would the phone support a band that is not yet in use?
      Even the X+1 might not support it, the X+2 probably will.

      The purchase was announced in January, the paperwork is just barely now finishing up. The first cells will be lit up at the very end of the year or beginning of next. In very few cities. By the time T-Mobile has band 12 in full use it will be middle to late 2015. When that phone will be over 2.5 years old, from release date.

      • Justice Dean

        Their aggressive adjustments to their 2g to 4g conversion are happening now. If they have contractors scheduled to have their hands on a lot of towers it would be counter intuitive to have them come back and readress the same towers the next year.

        I am willing to bet Q3 and Q4 will be very aggressive for this rollout.

        • h4rr4r

          Those 2g to 4g conversions were contracted out 6+ months ago.
          Contracts would have to be totally reworked, it would delay that conversion at least 3-6 months. Business does not work as fast as you think. You can’t go down to bestbuy and pickup these parts. This stuff all takes time.

          They will have to send them to the same towers again later. If they can get any of it up and running this year that will be amazing.

      • Justin Merithew

        T-Mo’s been expanding their coverage very quickly. The M8 supports band 12, so I think it’s likely we’ll see it in other phones coming up. Only reason we didn’t see it in the S5 (imo) is because Samsung wants consumers to spend money on a refresh once the spectrum starts getting utilized.

    • steveb944

      There’s no devices at this time that even support that band. The deal just closed yesterday so now we can start looking for that support.

    • Justin Merithew

      I’m hoping T-Mobile starts selling Motorola phones in stores again when the “X+1″ comes out. I’m really liking Motorola’s new phones, but I really can’t afford to get one for me and one for the fiance w/o financing. Also, given T-Mobile’s acquisition of the spectrum is 100% official now, it’d be highly likely that a T-mo variant of the X+1 would support band 12.

  • steveb944

    I’ll be holding out for the Moto E and 1+1.

  • domatau

    Release the x2 already!!!!

  • HeatFan786

    Good price, probably will sell out before the end of the day. If only they had that sale when I sold my HTC One. I wouldn’t have had to pay full price for my Note 3. Oh well, worked out anyways!

  • spawnbay

    Yeeeaahhh! Ordered my Developer Edition at midnight. So long Samsung, you really shouldn’t of locked the bootloader with that 4.2 update on the S3… no one likes Touchwiz and all your bs!

  • hemipw54

    Not much of a deal, on anything but the DE.

  • brent_diamond

    The moto x should have cost that at launch. I certainly don’t want one now.

  • Me

    Ill wait till the moto X +1 comes out and the OG X goes down to $250.