Acer unveils Liquid J as companion phone to Liquid Leap smartwatch [VIDEO]

While today’s Acer event was focused on the launch of two new low-cost 7-inch Iconia tablets, the company teased the audience with a look at two other devices being eyed for a summer launch. The Liquid Leap smartwatch — Acer’s first — would have been enough to keep us intrigued, but we also got our first look at the new Acer Liquid J.

While not much information was revealed about the handset, it is expected to be a competitively-priced midrange smartphone with an emphasis on ergonomic aesthetics. The device is said to feature no flat surfaces or sharp angle, instead showing off ample curves that should fit comfortably enough in the hand. About the only spec we can nail down from the presentation is a 5-inch display.

acer liquid j 2

From the brief glimpse, the Liquid J shows some potential, especially considering the fact that plans are to bundle the phone with the Liquid Leap in order to deliver a solid one-two punch of Android power. Unfortunately, what might be the only functioning model in the world was only shown from afar and we didn’t get an opportunity to get some one-on-one time with the device.

Acer is planning a June launch for the new pair of devices, but details on exact availability and specific pricing are not available at this time. The picture should come into focus as the summer months near.

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  • Roaduardo

    This is just a clunky presentation by Acer. Where’s the specs? Where’s the release dates? They couldn’t wait until all these facts were available before doing their “unveiling”? What kind of unveiling is this?

    • superbelt

      The kind where they are trying to not sell any phones, apparently.

  • J Cav the Great

    Acer is so lame when it comes to mobile..please stick to computers and try to stop failing at that.

    • superbelt

      I love my Nexus 7. They did an awesome job with that.

      • Suman Racha

        ASUS did Nexus 7, not Acer

        • superbelt

          Ooh, right. Nevermind then. Acer, you suck.

        • J Cav the Great


      • TheJunkie

        can’t find a hole to crawl under?
        I know the feeling:)

  • J Cav the Great

    Wasting valuable Phandroid article space and Phandroid writers’ time….smh..please focus on something else…perhaps kitty cat videos

    • Durin123

      Lolcats aren’t that funny anymore. Rage comics are a different matter, though.

    • Sean Royce

      Why? This is technology mate. This is what us enthusiasts are supposed to live and breathe.

      • J Cav the Great

        to have an “Unveiling” for mediocre hardware…is not what enthusiasts..are into..clearly this was a half-ass attempt to garner attention… this type of hardware are silently released or with little marketing…this “unveiling” took up 3 articles and Phandroid does about 4-7 articles per day…just saying…waste…

        • Sean Royce

          You’re clearly not a technology enthusiast if only small amounts of technology interest you. I enjoy all technology. No matter how cheap it is, or how bad it is. It’s all interesting.


    At least they’re focusing on ergonomics,something that’s sorely lacking on most phones…….

  • Red Beard

    This phone is also a rapper, right? Because that’s a solid rap name.

  • J Cav the Great

    LMAO @ “Nearly New”.. ROFL WTF is ” Nearly New”? either it is new or not….either way..go play in traffic…….