New Google Maps Street View feature lets you travel back in time

street view time machine

Street View at its core is already a fun way to pass a good half hour, and now Google’s made it even more interesting. They’ve introduced a new “time travel” feature that’ll let you see what a particular Street View image looked like several years back. The feature obviously won’t cover every single Street View image available, but Google’s offering up some special time lapses.

Whether it’s the construction of the Freedom Tower in NYC, the difference between winter and summer on an iconic Italian road or the construction of Brazil’s stadium for the 2014 FIFA World Cup, you’ll be able to access a time lapse with images dating back to 2007 to see how it’s changed over time.

street view time machine 2


There might be some other surprises waiting to be explored, but these are the only ones Google saw fit to mention. You’ll know you can go back in time on photo if it has a clock icon in the upper left corner, so get over there and explore.

[via Google]

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  • Thomas Schneider

    I would be happy with my current location updated. I have been living in the same spot for six years and Google maps still shows me living in the middle of a field.

    • Allwayswrite

      Thats not google’s fault, thats yours

      • Thomas Schneider

        Yeah it’s my fault that I live in a sub division with 500 houses and the maps aren’t updated to show the road that has been here for six years. Maybe change your name to AllwaysWrong.

        • Allwayswrite

          Calm down √úter, I was just joking with ya!

        • Durin123

          Even I could tell he was trolling, haha (and I’m usually not great at doing that).

    • Durin123

      Damn bums living in the field.

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