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We’ve finally learned everything we need to know about the OnePlus One. Everything is peachy keen aside from an annoying purchase process. It can be had as cheap as $300, a price tag that certainly cannot be matched by any other device in its class. The question is simple then — are you buying one?

Sure, you have to be lucky enough to be one of 100 people selected to smash their phone for a chance to buy the OnePlus One for $1 (or be diligent enough to pry an invite away from someone who has been selected to purchase the device right away), but for its cost-to-performance ratio it’s probably considered just a small nuisance in the grand scheme of things.

Read up on everything, then circle back to drop your vote in the poll below. Don’t forget to follow that up with a comment if you wish to share the reasoning for your eventual decision.

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  • solidpig

    The invite program is sort of annoying. Other than that, this has a high chance of becoming my next phone… when I get a damn invite.

    Course, I also want to watch out for the next Moto, but I doubt the price for it will be this alluring.

  • Brandon Miller

    The price makes this a must try for me. I haven’t ever used a device this big, but I’ll likely never get a chance to find a price this reasonable on a device this big again. May as well give it a go.

    • Playa93

      Same here! Don’t know how I’ll get an invite though, but I guess we’ll see how that works in a few weeks :)

      • Kelton Crouse

        I have a feeling invites will spread like wildfire. I sure hope they do.

  • Wozn2

    Nah, my Nexus 5 is at the outside limit of what is comfortable to hold. Anything bigger is just silly for my average sized hands.

    • phinn

      Yep, my reason exactly.

    • scoter man1

      Yeah, this is why I’m on the fence. I don’t really know if I want to sell it to basically sidegrade too. The 1+1 is a little better, but not drop my N5 on the ground and run for the 1+1 better.

  • Jay

    I know I’ve been a huge “negative Nancy” about this entire process but if I manage to get an invite, I’ll definitely pony up $350 for one. You’d be crazy not too at that price point

  • Guest

    Nope, too big.

    • worldclassflame

      That’s what she said

      • J Cav the Great

        sorry…. it ain’t my fault I have good genes!!!!!!!!!!!

        • worldclassflame

          Ha!!! Lol

  • FreakFly

    I’ll have to swing by Best Buy and hold a couple comparable phones to see how the size feels in the hand. This would be the largest phone I’ve owned.

    • Kelton Crouse

      Hold the Note 3 and check Facebook or something on it. The OnePlus One is going to be easier to use one-handed than the Note 3. I currently use the Note and find it to be pretty ideal size, especially considering I can almost always use my phone with both hands.

      When I got the Note, there was a wow factor involved for sure, but it took me all of a day or two to get pretty used to the size. I am excited to buy the OnePlus One and couldn’t buy it if the screen was much smaller.

      I hope this helps you… it’s pretty easy to get used to a large phone.

  • Anthony McKay

    I wonder if you have to send your phone in after you smash it? Other wise just break your phone a little bit or just enough to where you can fix it possibly.

    • setspeed

      Or just get an old handset and smash the **** out of that. If you don’t have one, I’m sure someone you know has!

      • Anthony McKay

        I feel like they’ll know that is not your current phone. Otherwise this gimmick they’re doing would just say, “Break a phone and get the 1+1!”

  • Scott Stafford

    Since I’m on Verizon, its out of the question for me.

    • WarGasm

      Again, it must really suck to have your phone decisions be dictated by your carrier…

      • Scott Stafford

        The alternative choices for carriers have pretty poor coverage vs Verizon. Nothing irritates me more than to pull out my phone in a time of need and I don’t have a usable signal. I’m happy with my HTC One anyway. Don’t get me wrong, I do despise the carrier structure here in the US.

        • WarGasm

          Yea, I understood that some time now….I’m just saying I see your pain.

        • MineIsBetterThanYours

          Exactly. Even though I’m not interested in this phone, Same here.

  • toomuchgame441

    Nah, M8 or G3 for me

  • Harold Goldner

    Great specs, but would have to abandon my 128g sdcard. Plus, if it isn’t on Verizon in my neck of the woods, may as well carry a brick around. Sticking with my M8.

    • WarGasm

      It must really suck to have your phone decisions be dictated by your carrier…

      • Harold Goldner

        Yes, it does. I wish I could use any phone on any carrier, but this is the USA, and the decision making process has nothing to do with the relative qualities of the technologies, but that’s for another thread.

        On the other hand, when I had to abandon the Palm platform in April of 2010, Big Red still didn’t offer the iphone, so I ended up with an HTC Incredible, and I have been on Android since. I do not regret for one minute not going the way of the iphone.

  • DavidB23

    Another giant phone. Too big. Like the F2.0 lens though

  • Derek Ross

    This has all of my wants.

  • Wesley

    I’m cool with my Nexus 5 for now. This phone is just too big for me. I’ll be upgrading around the time the Nexus 5 2015 should be released. If there is an updated mini version of this with a 5″ screen by then, I would seriously consider it. I really like the great price for all that power but I wonder how they are able undercut every other manufacturer by so much.

  • JBrowne1012

    There should be an option for saying maybe if I get an invite.

  • Justin Strong

    Being on Verizon, no point in getting excited over this haha. I just wish the M8 was only $300 off-contract. It really sucks knowing I’ll have to buy my next phone off-contract to keep my grandfathered unlimited data…

  • Da Fuq

    Hope we get a One Compact :D

  • frhow

    I was hoping but they way they are handling the release of this phone is stupid and by the time I am able to purchase one there will be something better out but maybe not at that price.

  • SpaceGhost09

    sooooo, no word on when it will be open to buy for the public? or if it ever will be open to buy for the public? kind of sucks lol

    • thatcrazyone

      um… site says tomorrow…

  • Paul_Werner

    Went from the N4 to the N5, no where near ready for another upgrade. Plus, like others said below… it’s at the limit of what I think is comfortable to hold and use one handed.

    Waiting to see what they do with Project Ara for my next device. Hoping there will be a Phablet version of that because I’d love to replace both my N5 & N7 (2012) for one device (I know I just said that above that the OnePlus One is too big but at least Ara can have parts swapped out to make more sense to have a larger size… IMO)

    • ratnok

      There will be 3 sizes of the Ara frames. Phablet, flagship, and compact.

  • mhmmd123

    It`s a good phone, I might buy it if I don`t have the Note 3.

  • Jarvis

    if they are smart they will release this for the public before the LG G3 comes out. Its the only other phone Im considering right now…Im sure LG is gonna show some magic with there next phone(G3)…:)….

  • TheScientists

    Nope. If they ever make a ‘phone-sized’ version of this, then yeah maybe. I already have a N7 and a TF101. Give me a phone-sized phone please. Really tired of this increasing size trend.