HTC One M8 receives Extreme Power Saving Mode and camera enhancements update in Canada

HTC One M8 extreme power saving mode

Our Android brothers and sister in Canada are now receiving a nice little software update for the HTC One M8. The folks at MobileSyrup have received reports — and screenshots — from Canadian One M8’s getting hit with software build 1.55.631.4, which aside from camera and gallery enhancements, introduces HTC’s Extreme Power Saving Mode for the handset.

HTC One M8 1.55.631.4

The Extreme Power Saving Mode was actually included in overseas versions of the One M8, but had to undergo FCC approval before it could be added to devices here in the states. Something to do with ensuring the phone was able to still make emergency calls while in a low-power state. The feature is actually very similar to the one we find in the Samsung Galaxy S5, introducing an extremely simplified homescreen which, no doubt, limits background apps. This could prove helpful in those emergency situations when you need to keep your phone on, but still want to receive/make phone calls in a moments notice.

No word on when the update will hit more US-based HTC One M8s (apparently, the Sprint M8 onĀ 1.54.651.8 already has Extreme Power Saving mode), but we’ll keep you updated. Get it? I’ll be here all week…

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  • No_Nickname90

    I was just using this today. It does come in handy.

  • toomuchgame441

    The All New HTC One is for people who form their own opinions… so go ahead… ask the Internet.

  • Eclectech

    the battery life has been so good, I’ve never had to enable that extreme power saving mode my Sprint HTC One M8 has.

  • jfelts

    I wonder why they didn’t opt for grayscale mode for more power saving.

    • Ali Ali

      the screen is lcd not amoled so it wouldn’t matter really

  • simpleas

    The S5 can last 5 days on 1 charge with the Ultra Power Saving Mode. Lets see how this one does.

  • EasyEEE

    I have gone 18+ hours with fair amount of use without a charge … But yes I have had my phone over a week and extreme power saving mode as been on there since they gave me the phone.

  • BlackAce15

    Is that why the U.S. unlocked version hasn’t received it either?