Party like it’s 1998: Baldur’s Gate Enhanced Edition makes its long awaited debut on Android


Baldurs Gate Enhanced Edition

T’was the year of 1998. Chumbawamba was getting knocked down (only to get up again), the Denver Broncos beat Green Bay Packers at the Super Bowl, the WB kicked off its new network, A Bug’s Life had barely hit theaters, and President Clinton officially found himself out of a job. While all that was happening, there were those too busy playing the newly released Baldur’s Gate in their parent’s basement to even notice.

After numerous delays and launching in late 2012 for the iPad, Baldur’s Gate: Enhanced Edition is now finally ready to make its Android debut. Priced at a whopping $10 on Google Play, the game doesn’t come cheap. But those of you who have been playing the game since it released almost 16 years ago can maybe educate some of the younger whipper snappers on what they’ve been missing.

Baldurs Gate Enhanced Edition Android

Based on the Dungeons & Dragons and universe, Baldur’s Gate is a point and click RPG through and through. The game runs on an improved version of the original Infinity Engine, a time when sprites still reigned as king (no fancy 3D polygon characters here). Keep in mind that even though it is a $10 game, it does offer in-app purchases as well. Here’s what you can buy in addition to the actual game:

  • Brothers Lost: Lend your aid to Rasaad yn Bashir, the Sun Soul monk, as he scours the Cloud Peaks in search of his lost brother.
  • Neera and the Red Wizards: Save the wild mage Neera from the cruel machinations of Thay’s dreaded Red Wizards.
  • Path of the Bloodied: Join the blackguard Dorn Il-Khan in taking revenge against those who betrayed him in Luskan.
  • Gallery of Heroes: Reimagine your character with eleven never-before-seen character portraits from acclaimed Icewind Dale artist Jason Manley!
  • New professionally recorded voice sets to choose from to further customize your character.

Given Baldur’s Gate II: The Enhanced Edition sequel was also promised to be making its way to Android nearly 6 months ago, we imagine it wont be much longer before its sequel also arrives on the Play Store. For those wondering what all the hoopla is about, you can check out Machinima’s quick explanation of the game below.

UPDATE: Might wanna be leery if you plan on playing the game with your smartphone. Due to the small font in the game, it appears it might be unplayable on anything smaller than a tablet. (Thanks, ScottyByrd!)

Download on Google Play: Baldur’s Gate: Enhanced Edition

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  1. Bought it and ran it. Looks like I remember but hardly playable even on my Note 3 as the writing is too small to really read. The only way this would be great to play is if you own a tablet, which I dont lol.

    1. Ah, good looking out. I’ll update the post with a small warning.

  2. Man.. Never finished this. I’m on it lol.

  3. That’s what IAP should be, expansion content, not the core game mechanic.

  4. Since this article was posted by Chris, I’ll just have to assume that all of the erroneous 1998 facts are intentional.

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