Samsung Gear Glass patent reveals new design that’s part Google Glass, part Dragon Ball Z scouter


Rumors of “Gear Glass,” a Samsung made Google Glass competitor, date back to last year when we first heard whisperings the Korean wearable was in the works. That same month, a Samsung patent filing would later reveal one possible design the headset could take shape as when it finally hits market, looking more like sports eyewear than a sleek version of Google’s headset. Well, the model revealed in last year’s patent filing may have been just that — a sports variant — as a new design has been found in yet another Samsung patent filing.


Uncovered by the folks at, we find a design much more in tune with Google Glass, only more… obstructive? While this version of Gear Glass looks more like a typical Bluetooth earpiece, it features an arm that wraps around the user’s eye. The result? Something more like a Dragon Ball Z scouter than Google’s implementation. Remember, Glass hovers above eye-level and doesn’t obstruct view. This version of Gear Glass is much different.

Samsung Gear Glass patent DBZ Scouter

We should note that patent filings aren’t always indicative of a real-world product, only ideas manufacturers attempt to protect in order to cover all their bases (should they decide to actually act on a device shown in a patent filing). For an idea of how Samsung might tackle input on Gear Glass, make sure you check out the previous filing on Samsung’s augmented reality patent.

Current rumors point to a Samsung Gear Glass launch somewhere towards the end of this year, hopefully a lot less costly than Google’s variant. Design wise, let us know which version you think would sit better with consumers — Google Glass or Samsung Gear Glass?

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  • dizel123

    Sweet! Now when I get in a bar fight I’ll know the guy’s power level

    • Mark Johnston

      well, you’ll spend like 2/3 of the episode figuring it out and then like 4 minutes fighting. then we can relive the whole power level thing next time for another 10 minutes. christ, if the dude changes hair colour midfight, we’re in for it all over again.

    • Carl Rood

      With my luck, the guy will be supressing his power level and only increase it at the last possible moment.

    • chris_johns

      You win the internet

  • guitarist5122

    I wonder if Apple will claim they secretly created DBZ so that they can sue Samsung

  • Delmar

    i bet everyone’s power level will be over 9000!!

  • bigshynepo

    This is even geekier than Glass… at least Google’s design looks like glasses, this makes you look like a creepy cyborg.

  • Fuzzypaw

    Why can’t we just have a Glass variant that actually looks like and is balanced like normal glasses? Google’s implementation of everything on one side of the frame is weird, just have two battery and chip compartments (one in each arm) and the whole thing will look a lot better.

    As for this scouter variant, I am only likely to accept a scouter that looks like the one Shepard could wear in Mass Effect 2.

  • scoter man1

    I actually like that design better, at least the portion that actually goes over the eye. Glass makes it so there’s the traditional glasses frame that you always have to see and have on your nose. I purposely wear contacts so I don’t have to deal with the frame being in my vision. This partially fixes that issue. Unfortunately it’s probably terribly uncomfortable to wear.

  • Ryan O’Neill

    Did Google ever get around to patenting Glass?

  • Mehdi Jaffery

    Prepare for a lot of broken google scouter glasses due to powerlevel over 9000

  • a)

    Uhhh… where does the battery go?

    • JRomeo

      Probably in a similar location as they currently put it in existing bluetooth headsets.

      • a)

        So you will be able to squeeze the whole 15 minutes if battery out if it before it dies?

        • JRomeo

          Yes. Exactly! lol…… the Tech industry needs to focus more on battery capacity technology because the rest of technology has far surpassed battery tech.

  • Boris Breynin

    Gear Glass power up my energy level so i can use it on the ladies in the bedroom ;) lol

  • steveb944

    This reminds me of my clunky old Motorola H3000? Bluetooth headset. Unfortunately Google Glass still wins in design. Plus don’t forget that this’ll probably only work with proprietary Galaxy devices

  • real0325

    Y’all are to f’ing much, lmfao!

  • Satwik Kamatmehbro


    • Marsg

      I won’t buy it unless it supports higher power levels.

      • No_Nickname90

        I heard it only supports up to Super Saiyan 1. =.[

        • Marsg

          Pshh I need something that will last me a full 2 years, ideally super saiyan 3. I’ll wait for the lg’s version of gear glass.

          • Kaliaila

            I’ve heard LG’s version is not reliable. Most people can’t even get it to display 9000, much less those that are over 9000; let alone SS3.

        • DDroid45

          Hahahaha, nah it’s blows out at kao ken times 3

      • Satwik Kamatmehbro

        Samsung Gear Glass 2 (2015): Incremental update supporting power levels up to 10,000- revolutionary.

  • BronzeLincolns

    DBZ = longest stare downs ever!!

  • Satwik Kamatmehbro

    Someone needs to make a dragon ball tracker app :P

  • Cesar B

    Vegeta what does the gear glass say about his power level?

    • DDroid45

      It’s over 9 thousaaaaaaaand

      • Cesar B

        What!?! 9000?! There’s no way that could be right!

        • DDroid45

          LoL man that’s my ish, best thing to ever come to T.V. and I’m from the early days when Toonami was the real deal

  • aantoine87

    google glass is better hands down, main reason being it can be masked with actually glasses lens, plus this one looks like it wont stay steady on your face since its being held somewhat like a bluetooth which means using this during some activities may go poorly

    • Kaliaila

      Not everyone wears actual glasses. I would much rather have a scouter than having to wear glasses all the time to use it; that way I could have considerably less of my vision distorted by the glass.
      Also This isn’t going to be any more unsteady than a pair of glasses would be; there are just as many situations where a pair of glasses will fall off as this would fall off.
      Until they make a set of contacts that does this stuff I’m going to go with the scouter.

      • chris_johns

        you stink of sammy fanboyism….nobody with common sense would have your way of thinking unless you are just that, a sammy fanboy

        • Kaliaila

          I’m sorry that my preference for a scouter-esque design concept over a glasses design concept makes me a “Sammy fanboy.”
          I really just don’t like wearing glasses.

  • Mista_Mr

    I saw this yesterday i didn’t think about the scouter on dragon ball z!!

  • chris_johns

    Id almost consider buying this if it had a power level app….same with glass for that matter

  • Tim

    I own a business and on more than one occasion I have interviewed people with a Bluetooth earpiece stuck to them. And I thought that was bad. Now this? Yuk. This is downright hideous.

  • simpleas

    I like this design 1000 times better than googles. But how easy would it be to shake this thing off lol. Still not wearing that crap in public lol.