Humble Mobile Bundle 5 goes live, offers 6 great Android games on the cheap

Humble Mobile Bundle 5

Feels like it’s almost every other day the Humble Bundle guys are offering up a new batch of Android games on the cheap. Last time around, we saw cross platform titles, but for Humble Mobile Bundle 5 — it’s all Android.

This time around we have 6 DRM-free titles offered up for charity¬†and to score all of them, all you have to do is beat the average of $4.78 (or pay whatever you want for only the top 3). Here’s the full list along with their current going prices on Google Play, so you can see what you’re saving.

If you tally all these games up, that’s over $20 in savings. Don’t forget that if you beat the average, you’ll also get a few bonus titles to be announced later in the week (plus, you’re helping charity). Check out the trailer below to see what’s up for grabs.

[Humble Bundle]

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  • gr227

    If you buy this, do the games come from the Play Store or are you able to get updates through the play store?

    • Gerard Krupa

      No. There is a Humble Bundle app available on Google Play that will install and update them for you or you can download them from the HB web site. Either way you will need to enable “Unknown Sources” installation on your device.