You can now attach Gmail photos straight from your Google+ account

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Quick tip for those of you who back your photos up to Google+ — you can now attach photos in your email straight from your account using the handy new “Insert Photo” button Google’s added to Gmail. Simply hit the button, select from one of the photos in your Google+ account, and voila: it pops into your compose window like magic.

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It’s not a huge feature, but it’s convenient for folks who want to email pictures taken with their phone but don’t like doing so from the mobile apps. It’ll also give you some quick resizing features before licking the envelope and mailing it off. Finally, you can now email full albums if you so choose.

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The feature won’t be super useful for those of you who don’t have auto backup enabled in your Google+ app on Android, so be sure to do that if you don’t mind each and every one of your pics being stored to Google’s servers as soon as they’re taken. Don’t forget that the pics are private by default, so there’s no worry that a naughty photo or two might end up being viewed by the wrong eyes. Give it a go!

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  • Nathan Borup

    hey google, why don’t you just make it so that the backed up photos (that use drive space anyway) show up in google drive as well as google+! Now that would be innovative!

    • Marc_Razia

      This has always been possible as far as I know. Its in the G+ settings. Every photo I have in G+ also shows up on my Drive.

      • manonyme

        nice…thankx for sharing that!

      • No_Nickname90

        Yea. I remember Drive saying that at one point. I preferred to have that stuff separate.

      • Nathan Borup

        No its not possible. it says “Show Drive photos and videos in your photo library” I want my photos on google+ to show up in a folder on drive, not the other way around

        • Marc_Razia

          That’s a good point. You may have to do one big export on G+ and then import into Drive…and from then on in just upload to drive and they will appear on both.

    • RockMarz

      I don’t want every pic going to drive

      • Nathan Borup

        Well I do. They should make a setting so I can manage my photos easier

        • JRomeo

          google drive has a storage limit. However, Google+ Photos Cloud backup, has unlimited storage for free for standard-sized photos and 1080p videos less than 15 minutes. and you can even categorize the photos into different albums.

  • surethom

    Google plus photos need updating first STILL unable to simply sort albums or photos in albumbs.

  • sdrawkcab25

    You’ve been able to attach photos from g+ for a while now, (at least since kit kat) however the button is new, you just had to go through the menu option before (attach file).

    • Scotsman of Loch Ness

      According to the article, it’s the regular Web version of Gmail that’s accesses from a Personal Computer the now has the option to insert and crop photos from g+

      • sdrawkcab25

        Ha, yeah was just rereading the article, who uses gmail on a PC anymore?

        • Scotsman of Loch Ness

          I actually bounce back and forth when at work. All depends on cell coverage in my office tower and when i’m actually at my desk vs supporting end users elsewhere.