New Google app icons rumored to be on the way (and someone’s already recreated them)

It appears Google could be readying upgrades to their mobile apps to bring us a fresh set of icons for their services. The original story talks of a project “Moonshine,” which would simply bring updated app icons for various Google apps.

Whether these icons are used on the web, on Android or both is something yet to be determined, but here they are in all their leaked glory:

moonshine icon comparison

The supposed changes offer a more flat style than we’re used to, which is an element of design that’s certain to get more popular with Apple’s latest changes in iOS 7. The icons aren’t so dramatically different that they’re unrecognizable, but they’re different enough that people using their phones every day will take notice.

Whether it’s pleasing to your eye is up to you. When should we expect them? Not sure, though we’d bet a bit of money that Google would make the change whenever they bring their redesigned Android apps we’ve been hearing about lately.

And here’s a fun little corkscrew to all of this for you icon pack makers: someone has already recreated these rumored icons in vector format, giving you high-quality versions of them that you can use for whatever you see fit.

The files are offered up in Adobe Illustrator format, so it’s going to take a tad bit of elbow grease to get them up and running in an icon pack. It’s just too bad Android doesn’t have built-in support for changing icons (though there are a few custom launchers out there that are up to the task). Let us know if any of you handy developers or themers do something with the icons below!

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  • rageboardr

    Well that’s pretty lame. I am not a fan of square icons, in fact i have mostly changed any square icons on my home screen. Square = Boring.

    • Jonathan

      Then why are the new icons lame? Not a single one of them is square. Only the gmail one even comes close. I’m pretty sure the white and striped backgrounds are just a lack of the background being cropped out in the screenshot

      • Walkop

        Yeah, no alpha channel, that’s all it is :p

      • rageboardr

        Well if that is the case then that is fine. To me it looked like they are going after the apple look. Cant imagine it would have taken any time to remove the background, hell my seven year old son could have done it for them. Alas.

        • Jonathan

          Yeah I would have hated it too if they went for an apple look…

  • wickets

    looks hideous…..mAps seems twice the size of uTuB

  • Delmar

    Why is everything going into a box shape, pretty soon we wont be able to see our backgrounds anymore

    • Walkop

      None of these icons are square. There’s just no alpha channel on those since they were screen clips.

  • Walkop

    The source link should be included at the bottom, IMO, not just in the article. I was halfway through writing a rant about proper attribution, lol (no offense intended).

  • Cesar Ortiz
    • No_Nickname90

      Now that Calendar app I can live with.

      Actually, if the apps’ icons come out looking like that, that’ll be cool. I kinda like the pixelated design.

  • Hothfox

    So they’re going to go ahead and continue not to standardize design between the web and Android? Yay…

    I do like a few of them better than the current design on Android though.

    • Matthew Merrick

      According to rumor they’re going to be updating the Web apps to match

  • Jay

    The map icon looks freakishly huge

  • jgarrido

    With just one or two exceptions (Gmail, maybe Calendar), I prefer the current Android ones to either of the other 2 options presented for each app.

  • Patrick Smithopolis

    They should make the stock launcher compatible with icon packs.

  • Crimsonshadow774

    Ew. They should choose something else or leave them be. Oh well. Won’t matter to me as I change my icons a lot.

  • No_Nickname90

    I don’t like how everything will be in a little box. I like how Androids’ apps are always unique in design.

    I hope this doesn’t come to fruition.

  • Dougau

    Google getting their “Windows 8 ugly” on!

  • Nate

    Delete me. Found the source link below

  • Kristina Roy

    Hi Quentyn Kennemer,
    I am agree with you, this is rumor. Some people are not happy with Google products
    so they are posting fake news in the network. Thank to share this news to with

  • Dan

    some of them look better, but I prefer the current google maps/play store

  • Robabobbob

    Most of the changes are quite minor and Iliek don’t mind them but the calendar being brought in-line with the desktop it fantastic, it seems to be the one icon I find it hard to spot and I put this down to the current ones being too different from one another.

  • Phaz0n

    It looks like they are proposing to make the Android icons more streamlined with the Web icons, therefore creating a more consistent experience.

  • master94

    The current icons are better imo.

  • JRomeo

    why are all the new icons on top of a square background? or is that square part of the new icon? if so, then those box icons look worse than the current ones……… I like the youtube icon without a square behind it.

  • dhinged

    The middle I icons look the best; professional, not amateur-looking.