Dailymotion update brings Chromecast support

Dailymotion Chromecast update

Chromecast addicts looking to squeeze every last ounce of functionality from Google’s tiny dongle can find yet another video app adding support. Today’s update comes to us by way of Dailymotion who — along with the usual bug fixes — has officially updated their app over the weekend with support for the Google Chromecast.

Because not everyone is a fan of YouTube (I know, it sounds crazy), it’s always good to have alternative sources for finding curated and viral video content on the go. For those who love living on the bleeding edge, there’s also a Dailymotion beta community on Google+ to join up with if you’re looking for the latest updates before they officially hit the airwaves. Download link provided below.

Download on Google Play: Dailymotion

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  • Anthony McKay

    Cool. Now I can watch hot topless women on my 55 inch TV..

    Ok let’s be honest here.. Dailymotion is a YouTube/pornsite hybrid! Right?..

    • Christopher Woodruff

      Yep. I haven’t found any real use for it outside of the porn, but at least now I can use my TV with it instead of my laptop or smartphone.

  • CGS

    Nice, nice. I actually just ordered a Chromecast about 10 minutes ago or so, heh.

  • BronzeLincolns

    stopped watching dailylotion vids when i stopped watching naughty flics.