T-Mobile CEO receives shiny new gold-plated HTC One M8, shows it off to the world

HTC One M8 gold plated

While the rest of us “peasants” enjoy our brand new anodized aluminum HTC One M8 smartphones, others are apparently enjoying their 24ct gold-plated versions. In a tweet by Mr. Un-carrier himself, T-Mobile CEO John Legere revealed a sparkly new gift he received direct from HTC: the gold plated HTC One M8. Wow…

For those unaware, the HTC One M8 just became available at T-Mobile today, though only available in the standard gun metal/black config. The gold plated HTC One M8 was originally headed for UAE, but appears one may have fallen out of the truck on the way there. A smart move by HTC, especially considering the release of another high-profile device this morning.

It was in October of last year that HTC unveiled their 18ct gold-played HTC One (M7). Built in collaboration with the folks at Goldgenie, the real gold HTC One phone was given out to MOBO award winners and was valued at around $4,424 US dollars.

While Legere could certainly send the phone back (or re-gift it), something tells us he’ll be putting forth some sort of effort into making this his daily driver. So shiny.


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  • Fel Pe

    It must be nice to be a CEO uh? Grrr…

    • Brandt Hambrick


      • Fel Pe

        Tnx for the “love”, haha

  • NardVa

    The people can afford it get it for free. Rich get richer.

    • Fel Pe

      Well yes, its been like that since forever… anyway, for HTC it costed probably less than 4 thousand dollars and yet generated a lot of (almost) free publicity so still a great deal… for the CEO hmm, just read my comment below :)

  • jackjiarocks

    is it me or it just looks ugly. Perfer the other color much much better.

  • https://www.facebook.com/christopher.johnsc chris_johns

    pretty bad ass…prob the most bad ass phone on the planet

  • No_Nickname90

    That’s because Tmo is doggin’ out the HTC One M8. NO advertisements anywhere on their website. HTC is trying to prove the HTC One M8 is worthy. TmoCEO is going to use this and be like “Where have you been?” in his Rihanna voice.

  • REVS

    playes with htc one m8 yesterday , best highest quality phone ive ever seen and it was in the bak corner of the store with no ads