OnePlus talks about upcoming online shopping experience, RMAs, and customer service

OnePlus shopping experience details

It seems like every week we receive new details about the upcoming OnePlus One, currently scheduled to be unveiled during an April 23rd event. We already have a good idea of what to expect on the hardware front — Snapdragon 801 processor, 3GB of RAM, 13MP camera, and 3,100 mAh battery (everything but its actual design). But in all the hype, one area that seems to have slipped our minds was exactly how we’d go about buying the phone. You know, should we actually decide to purchase.

In a new forum post, OnePlus is now talking about their upcoming shopping experience, detailing everything from the online ordering process, delivery times, customer service, and even hardware returns. As a brand new startup, OnePlus admits that they’re bound to hit a few snags in the road, but they’re promising they’ll do their best to make sure it’s an enjoyable experience for everyone.

Because the phone will be made available in several regions spanning China, the US, and Europe, OnePlus says no matter where you’re ordering from, pricing one the site will be shown in your local currency. Not only that, but they’ll even show you the specific carriers in your region the phone will be compatible with. Should help those that don’t wanna go digging through Wikipedia for frequencies and bands.

To help minimize shipping times, OnePlus will be shipping from warehouses positioned on the major continents the phone will be available in. This is great news for those in Europe who wont be hit with VAT or additional customs charges. OnePlus also says that although their customer service team will be located at their HQ in China, they’re making sure all their agents will possess excellent English skills. In the event your phone should require service or repair, you’ll only need to send it in to your local warehouse, once again, minimizing down time normally associated with hardware RMAs.

We’re liking what we’re hearing, but as many of you have voiced in the past — we’re ready to see this damn phone already. The good news is we wont have to wait much longer.


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  • Henri Weich Conradie

    First. Also, this phone won’t disappoint. Not any more than some other OEM’s.

  • Nathan Bryant

    Sounds like they really want to make a big impact and quality experience.

  • NardVa

    Under $400 US please.

    • master94

      It is. Read their forums. 16GB is promised at $400 or less and 64GB is a lot more though and not priced yet.

  • Toasted_Cracker

    They may have decent Engrish but it definitely won’t be English.

  • Fel Pe

    Why can’t they just sell it on Nobody beats amazons customer service, shipping times and rates and return policy… (Plus I get 3-5% cash back, no sales tax here in Florida and 3.99 for overnight shipping with Prime) =P

    • ThreeFourSeven

      I would definitely be down for that. In Florida & prime member.

    • domatau

      Probably because Amazon charges too much on commission and this phone is already being sold at razor thin margin.

      • Fel Pe

        Sad but true.

    • danix180

      They said it costs them 10% more in fees to distribute it through Amazon and they don’t want to put that cost into the final price. It will already sell with close to zero profit margin.

  • Apple is a patent troll

    Expandable storage or GTFO.

    • Foramex

      Why? What do you like about expendable storage? A 64 GB phone takes anything, anyday. Once they get to the level of offering 64/128 GB phones expandable storage will be useless…

      • Apple is a patent troll

        Because having more memory is better than being limited. I like having the option to store all my content so I don’t have to rely on rubbish cloud and streaming services since i’m not always online. It will only be useless for people who have little content but I like to have as max amount of memory as I can get.

        If there was a phone with 500GB then i’m sure to want to get that but as of right now with only 16GB and 32GB models with those that is bigger massively inflated and overpriced I want expandable storage.

        • Foramex

          I had a phone with expendable storage a short time ago, ans it’s a lot less comfortable and especially reliable than regular storage. I mean, one day it can just crash and be blank, and then what do you do?
          Shell out the extra cash for bigger storage and that’s it…

          • Apple is a patent troll

            Strange since I have always had devices with expandable storage and I never had one problem with it, actually is has always worked great and much better than any that has fixed storage.

            Just because you like relying on a unreliable service that doesn’t always work doesn’t mean everyone does.

          • Foramex

            Which unreliable service are you talking about? My phone’s storage, unlike your phone’s BUILT-IN storage, actually works… Sorry for you tho, a device whose internal storage doesn’t work is kind of sad.

          • Apple is a patent troll

            I mean cloud and streaming which only works if you are online and connected to the internet.

          • Foramex

            When did you hear me talking about cloud?
            Inventing stuff I didn’t is a good sign you have no idea what you are talking about and have nothing to say, and I’ll end this silly argument right now.

  • CRUZdaddy

    Let’s just cut the shiiet now.. there all great phones! All of them including the iPhone.. so now I move on from that rant and speak on updates… Which is why my next phone WILL be (hopefully) a nexus 6 from LG with a 6inch 1080 curved screen with minimal will probably be the size of the new HTC One but with more screens and ALWAYS up to date. I’m currently using the HTC one (2013) which is still a great phone but only nexus OR iPhone will keep me updated no matter what. So the poll for us people that enjoy technology for what it is , should be nexus 6 or iPhone6 .. but before you start hating cause I said iPhone I would only Try it if it had atleast a 4.7 inch screen.

    • Foramex

      No… There is an argument whether Samsung/LG/HTC/Sony are the best, but almost everyone agree that iPhone is definitely not… You wanna buy an iPhone? Enjoy. More competition means better Android advancement.

  • Foramex

    I don’t know about you guys, but this phone makes me excited not because how good it will be, but because a new player in the market=Competition Up. (Hopefully)

  • KingOliver

    If Republic Wireless found a way to get this device I would turn backflips!