LG G Watch leaks in the wild, pricing and availability allegedly revealed as well

LG G Watch leak 1

It was last month we watch as — with the introduction of Android Wear — the LG G Watch was made official. It was hard not to get excited at the prospect of having the power of Google Now always displayed on our wrists, but it seemed LG was still keeping their cards close to their chest, providing next to zero actual details on the device’s specs, pricing, or even availability.

LG G Watch back

LG G Watch leak 2

If LG’s recent press images weren’t quite enough for you, the folks at Pocket-Lint are now giving us another look at the watch as it appears in the wild. You’ll notice the absence of any physical buttons on the device, and and overall slim profile. Described as minimal, but “premium” feeling, LG was able to confirm that the G Watch will feature interchangeable straps, and possibly even come in a circular variant ala the Motorola Moto 360.

LG G Watch leak 3

Unfortunately, none of the leaked shots showed the device actually powered on, leaving us to wonder about it’s performance in handling the Android Wear OS. What LG was able to reveal, was pricing and availability — said to cost around £180 and a release sometime in July for the UK. Expect lots more to be revealed at Google I/O 2014, officially kicking off in June.

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  • Aooga

    Looks a little big, but I’m not going to say anything till I actually see it.

  • macdaddybuff

    If the Moto 360 is 300 dollars as well. I won’t hesitate on which one to buy. Moto360 all day long.

    • HeatFan786

      Both will not be $300. I would say $150-$200.

      • http://google.com/+derekross Derek Ross

        The Moto 360 will most likely cost more than this, IMO.

        • Devon Warren

          Agreed, I’m going to guess between $250 and $300

        • HeatFan786

          But what about the whole concept of Android wear being a Nexus-like product based on Google services? Wouldn’t the cost be a bit lower?

  • http://google.com/+derekross Derek Ross

    Hrm. Pogo pins, which means it will have to be charged via it’s own charging cradle. That’s a big difference between the Moto 360’s assumed wireless charging.

    • Aooga

      Both would need to rest on some kind of charging dock/pad though.

      • http://google.com/+derekross Derek Ross

        With Pogo pins, you have to place it exactly. With wireless charging, you don’t have to be as accurate. Plus you don’t have the freedom to choose your charging pad or use an existing one.

        Either way, it’s nice to see how LG’s will be charged. For all we know, the Moto 360 could be charged by Aliens.

        • Aooga

          They would probably have a magnet to align it easier. But yeah, lets wait and see what these people have in store.

        • beenyweenies

          It’s true. My 1st-gen Nexus 7 and its “official” dock are rarely paired properly, try as I might, so every time I reach for the damned thing it’s out of juice from just sitting there. Even when I do get them paired well, it seems like any bump or light breeze can break the connection. Weak sauce.

    • Jay

      True but pogo pins charge a whole lot faster than wireless.

  • aranea100

    On these photos it doesn’t stand out as being anything impressive unlike moto 360.

    • http://google.com/+derekross Derek Ross

      We’ll have to wait for an official feature set before we rule that out.

      • Marsg

        its running a google now interface with no noticeable hardware features from the outside ( e.g. heart rate monitor). At the moment all I see is a very expensive notification window lol.

  • Wozn2

    So that’s the Nexus watch then…

    • BrandoHD


      • Wozn2

        In a different case of course.

  • Lee McLaurin

    Nope. Don’t want to wear a VCR on my writst.

    • Mista_Mr

      That’s a little extreme isnt?

      • http://google.com/+derekross Derek Ross

        Don’t mind him. He probably didn’t like camera phones either when they first came out. A lot of people didn’t, tried to ban them, and thought they were just a fad.

    • Delmar

      Ay least youll be able to watch that copy of toy story 2 you have collecting dust at home on the go


    Looks like a small phone glued to plastic straps.

  • harold

    I want my kitkat update for my gpad

  • Jay

    Is that what they’re calling slim nowadays. That thing looks like a bus on his wrist. Ugly …. Fugly

  • Delmar

    no heart rate monitor ? damn i want a bang for my buck

    • TheJunkie

      It’s one of my very few requirements……

      • Unorthodox

        Blood pressure is much more important.

  • Mikhail Cass

    Why did that guy paint his nails?

    • master94

      I dont think it’s the same person. Skin tone is off but lol