Watch the Samsung Galaxy S5 get put through the rinse cycle [VIDEO]

Samsung Galaxy S5 washer test

As we approach the release of the Samsung Galaxy S5 (check out this post for everywhere you can pre-order it), some of you might be wondering about the device’s water resistance. Samsung’s mentioned before that all their devices are water resistant to a point, but new to the Galaxy series is an actual IP67 rating. We’ve already seen the device get dunked in a tank of grimy water, but how about a less controlled environment? Say, your household washer for instance?

Those crazy kids at TechSmartt are back again, this time putting the Galaxy S5 through another “worst case scenario test” after it spends 18 minutes in their clothes washer. The phone gets tumbled around, hitting metal and plastic, even losing its sealed battery cover at one point. With Samsung constantly receiving heat for their device’s “cheaper” build quality, we think the results may surprise some of you. Check out the video below for more.

Thanks, Simpleas!

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  • Giovonni Fareed

    well ill be damn! thats amazing, cant wait to have that on my Note 4…lol

    • Fel Pe

      Agreed. If the Note 4 doesn’t come with IP67/8 however, I’d seriously consider a Z2 or another phone with it.

      • Giovonni Fareed

        Absolutely, this feature needs to become standard on ALL phones.. It may take some time before I fill okay with getting in the shower with my cell phone, seems a little weird lol

        • scoter man1

          What’s that sound? Are you taking a shower?

          No! I swear I’m not!

          • Giovonni Fareed

            Lmaooooooooooooo now that’s funny!

  • Bemi

    This is great. From what I’ve seen in the last week Samsung durability seems good. If the charging port stays sturdy overtime it’s a great device. I hope all of this can be done on the Note 4. The cases I’ve seen for the Note 3 don’t even make it waterproof just spill proof. I think the S pen make it a challenge but I think it can be done. I’m optimistic about the future.

  • Oleg O.

    No detergent?

    • Chris Chavez

      With my OCD (and browser history), I’ll be washing it regularly with bleach.

    • Ruth Simpkins-Morst

      I wanted to know the same thing….it was only water!

  • jnt

    Are these the same guys that dunked the One M8 in a sink for an hour or whatever it was? I’ve seen minimal coverage of that, and that was pretty impressive as well.

  • Lennatron

    That is fantastic! I can’t wait to get one!!!

  • steveb944

    I did this to my HTC Amaze 4G, along with a partial dryer cycle. Thing still worked like a charm

  • Boris Breynin

    Now watch as my samsung S5 withstands the force of my toilet. *drops phone in the toilet* flush *wa la the samsung S5 has withstand the toilet but in the process got flushed away* lol

  • phinn

    IP67 is easily the most impressive thing about this phone. Hope this is a sign of things to come for mobile devices.

  • simpleas

    This is what I call Awesome Build Quality and Engineering. Along with the drop test aka car driving over, this phone is a monster.

  • master94

    Metal and glass is over rated. They break fast and block signal. Plastic is best for phones and I’m glad Samsung knows this. As a mechie I will tell you this, no phone material is more durable or better for reception than plastic. In the end that’s what really matters, not how it looks especially since your going to put a case on it usually.

    • duong ngo

      If you are a ‘mechie’ then you should know that the material matter only has much as the design of it. These same guys did a drop test and the S5 did worst then the M8. Luck has a lot to do with those test .

      • master94

        In that video only the screen broke which guess what, was made of glass. Plastic is better for cell reception and it’s not luck, it’s a science. When a engineer chooses a material for a project, looks aren’t high up in the list. I for one look at strength under load and temperature since I work in the HVAC field now. Im sure the OEMs that make phones do the same, use the material best for the job. For phones plastic will always be better than metal. In fact even the HTC one and M8 both have plastic parts because without it you will never get a bar. Lets not forget the iphone tried to do little to no plastic and it ended up with dropped calls.

  • Geek Man

    I’m selling my M8 for S5.

  • elmodern

    im impressed

  • InspectorGadget80

    Big Deal my Z1 can do that also. But more responsive with a wet touch display

    • simpleas

      More responsive? I think Android Authority said in the review the display was awesome to touch control even wet.

  • Alexander Terry

    lol. i put into google “galaxy s5 rinse cycle” and this came up.