HTC One Max on Verizon to receive Android 4.4.2 KitKat this Monday, April 7th


Good news for HTC One Max owners on Verizon Wireless. It looks like HTC has finally received technical certification for Android 4.4.2 KitKat on the HTC One Max for Verizon. HTC’s executive director of product management revealed the news just a few moments ago via Twitter, and mentions that the over-the-air update is scheduled to hit devices this Monday, April 7th.

HTC One Max KitKat status update

While the phone gets the usual KitKat goodies, it should be noted that the One Max will remain on Sense 5.5 (for now). Other devices still in waiting for their KitKat updates (but have already passed certification) include the HTC DROID DNA on Verizon, and the HTC Desire 601 on Virgin Mobile.

Thanks, Brian!

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  • King_James_The_Wicked

    Now if Verizon will only bring it to the LG G2

    • David Castillo

      And the friggin Verizon S4

      • Joshua Rippee

        Finally got the update… Kind of laggy tho

        • Michael

          I have the HTC one max and mine runs even faster now. Great job! TEAM ANDROID!

    • jay

      Good luck , verizon is in no hurry to do it. The worst cell phone provider in the world at updating their phones. Constantly sending me e-mails to buy a new phone so I can lose my unlimited data and save them from having to actually provide a bug free g2. I will not renew my contract with verizon.

  • Thomas

    Chris : congrats on your 3 year anniversary here at Phandroid.

    • Chris Chavez

      Thanks! ^_^

    • toomuchgame441

      two words for you: Brown Nose

  • pookietookie

    And…….how about that 4.4.3 for Nexus 5? :-)

    • IVHorseMen


  • JayToTheRock

    except I am rooted and support for this device is not that great….I need root to be available ASAP! also, sorry but kitkat from what i’ve read…kind of buggy. I think i am going to pass on this one.

    • IVHorseMen

      It’s not as bad as people make it seem.

  • Angel

    This makes my Verizon Note 3 sad…

  • Scharel Browns

    When will the lg pro2 be coming to att?

  • fazil baig
  • Anthony Johnson

    I have HTC Droid DNA which is the best phone I have ever
    had with features like qi enabled compatible with wireless charger . Well it’s
    good to know that the update is available on HTC One Max. But still I am
    waiting for this update on my HTC Droid DNA.

  • DNAowner

    Not touching this thing on my DNA when it comes out. Phone is 100% stable and works perfectly now, unlike kitkat. Also, the photo gallery lockscreen widget has been taken away in Kitkat which is one of the coolest things about this phone.

  • lildude2208

    got the update and my HTC one MAX crashed smh thinking about going back to IPHONE i am so pissed right now damn Verizon

    • Michael

      My phone took the update Just fine and I have the HTC one max. You have something In your phone that caused that. It wasn’t the updates fault.

  • armen b

    can anyone confirm if (foxfi) is supported with the new update. Im not going to install it if it is.

  • Gadget Freak

    If you like being able to move files to your External SD Card, DO NOT INSTALL KITKAT!!!! I can view and copy the files that are already on the SD Card, but I can NO LONGER move files to the SD Card. #AndroidKitKatSucks