Amazon Dash is the company’s latest gadget to get you using their grocery delivery service


It looks like Amazon Fire TV wasn’t the only product Amazon had up their sleeves. The newly announced Amazon Dash is a tiny WiFi-connected accessory that was built for a very specific purpose: help get more people using AmazonFresh, Amazon’s same-day grocery delivery service.

Amazon Dash accomplishes this by helping users keep track of the groceries they need, as soon as they’re depleted. This can be done by either speaking the needed item into the Dash, or by using the built in laser scanner to scan the barcodes on empty products. Dash syncs up with AmazonFresh accounts which can then be accessed via the Android app, or on a computer via the preferred web browser.

Amazon Dash specs

Because not everyone has time to run to the grocery store every day for single items, it’s easy to see how this could be extremely helpful for stay at home moms/Steve Albrights with a small army of children. The best part? It’s Amazon Dash is completely free during its initial trial period, but only by invite (sign up here).

Currently AmazonFresh is only available in small parts of California and Washington, but expect the service to hit more markets in the future. Amazon’s instructions on setting up Dash can be found below.

[Amazon Fresh]

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  1. Steve Albright’s of the world rejoice! (And other people that want to scan something or yell at a handheld computer and have groceries delivered as a result!)

  2. i guess we now are 100% different than the cavemen now

  3. One shouldn’t need to shop every day. Plan ahead and buy what you need for for the week. Technology is actually making us helpless and lazy.

    1. As someone that lives in a small apartment with a rather lousy fridge, buying a weeks worth of groceries isn’t always an option.

  4. As an Amazon addict this is freaking amazing. I guess it’s not in my area yet as I don’t have the invitation.

  5. This is actually an amazing service that could become the norm in the future. I don’t know about you guys, but the last thing I feel like doing after work is going to the grocery store, waiting in line, packing all of my groceries into my car, and then finally driving home in traffic. As long as prices remain low and delivery cost does the same, this will be huge. Hopefully Kroger, with their recent expansion into all things marketplace, will jump on board with something just like this.

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