Nest Protect sales halted over faulty wave-to-silence feature

Nest Protect Wave feature

The now Google-owned Nest is doing a bit of damage control, halting sales of their Nest Protect smoke detectors over safety concerns. Nest’s CEO Tony Fadell notified customers via email today that the advanced wave-to-silence feature may be faulty in some instances, causing the smoke detector to possibly deactivate during what Nest calls a “unique combination of circumstances.”

Given that this bug was discovered by Nest during their routine testing, they assure customers that a problem has never been reported by anyone. Even still, the company that got their start by building smart thermostats will be halting sales of the Nest Protect until this feature can be deactivated (it’s currently on be default).

For those currently using a Nest Protect, Nest is urging you to immediately deactivate “Nest Wave” by signing into your account (or via the app). Nest is also offering complete refunds to anyone who’s purchased a Nest Protect via their return page here.

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  • Jason

    So it seems their thermostats generate heat affecting their accuracy, and their smoke detectors might deactivate in a fire…..

    Well, at least they look hip and trendy.

    • CerealFTW

      While my house might be burned down, at least I don’t have to swing a towel at my smoke detector

    • Henri Weich Conradie

      Nothing is perfect. At least there doesn’t seem to have been any incidents because of this.

  • Fel Pe

    I have nest thermostat and I love it….. I have 3 nest protect and really I don’t care about them…. give me a smart front door lock please… tnx!