Sony Xperia Z2 officially headed to North America, but still no US release in sight


The Sony Xperia Z2 is one of the upcoming smartphones we have our eye on for 2014. In fact, our biggest problem with the smartphone is that we can’t get our hands on it. Like, now.  When Sony unveiled the Xperia X2 during this year’s Mobile World Congress 2014, curiously, US availability was left out of the press release. Now, after rumors of high demand/short supply, we’re wondering if we’ll ever see this phone launch stateside anytime soon.

Well, Sony is finally announcing that the phone will, in fact, be available in North America, arriving this May exclusively for Bell in Canada. Yeah. What the eff. Our sentiments exactly. While we’re happy for our friends up north, or even in Europe who will get the chance to buy the phone as early as this month (in short supply), we’re hoping Sony ramps up production and doesn’t leave the US waiting too long.

Now comes the tough part in guessing which of the 4 major US carriers will pick this up? We know Sony has a history with T-Mobile, but the phone already supports most of AT&T’s bands, but maybe Sprint or Verizon will see the value this device offers their line up and swoop in for the exclusive. Thoughts?

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  • Timbo1

    Screw exclusives…

    • Roaduardo

      Do I need to have an MBA to understand why companies do this? Do exclusives really help their profits? Even HTC wasn’t crazy enough to limit the One to only one or two carriers.


    Who’s to say if/when any U.S. carrier can/will pick this up. Not a word of either from SONY, now or then.

  • Victor Pham

    wtf sony mobile, just make it come to all 4 us carriers already…

  • irishrally

    GPe will do.

  • DDroid45

    With all them specs including the 3 gig of ram, I wonder what the price will be like, if it’s 299 on contract for a 32 gig variant idk, 199 sounds good but the darn thing got 3gigs of ram, something the s5 nor m8 got. I wonder what is it going to cost

  • Cael

    It’s coming to Verizon and it already has a model number: Sony D6508

  • Henri Weich Conradie

    I guess the shoe is on the other foot now. Canadians can ridicule people from the U.S. for a change about somewhat irrelevant things like availability of products and services (in the grand scheme of things). Still would have liked to see the Z2 released all over the continent for everyone’s benefit.

  • Dr. Derp Derperstein

    Does anyone know if the international version is fully functional with AT&T and/or T Mobile? Still debating whether to buy one from the UK

  • RH

    Oh come on! Everyone knows that BEFORE any device hits the USA, they have to: Install 9,304 pieces of bloatware, disable 4-5 functions of the device, that will ONLY work with part of the 9,304 pieces of bloatware (at an additional cost of course), lock the bootloader, lock the sim card, add ridiculous looking logos all over the device, remove some things like extra charging cables, ear buds (so they can sell you cheaper ones at a premium). That all takes a LOT OF TIME you know. ;)

    • shonowens

      I enjoyed that rant. Haha. I like what you did there.

    • TechGuyChris

      Yea but the other brands still manage to get theirs out in time… That isnt an excuse for Sony.

  • worldclassflame

    Do what you always do, release your phone late as usual, right after the big dogs release their flagships and no one is gonna care… End rant

  • ngo93

    Sony would do so much better if they didn’t release their phones so late =

  • Joe Keilso


    Go somewhere else!

    • lolwut

      Pretty sure this article is serious

  • deh2002

    Sony, quick to show off their new devices. Very, very slow to release them.
    By the time the z2 makes it to a US carrier the lg g3 will be here with the snapdragon 805 and a 2k screen.

  • Merags

    OMG. I’m in Canada. And with Bell. The stars have aligned.

  • Jerel Butler

    If its on bel chances are it would work in the us

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