How to root the Verizon HTC One M8 using WeakSauce by jcase

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Verizon’s HTC One M8 may not have enjoyed a day one root, but it didn’t take long for one developer to do the deed. Prominent developer jcase has dropped the first root method for the device, giving users a way to get advanced access to their phones for things like backing your firmware up or overclocking. It’s called WeakSauce, and it’s available for use right now.

Unfortunately this method does not give us S-OFF, but it’s a good first start to what should hopefully blossom into a very popular phone in the development community. So how do you get going with it? Here are the super simple instructions straight from XDA:

The exploit used in WeakSauce will gain root, and will mount a new xbin containing busybox and su. It’s not sticky in the sense that it can stick without an app, but as long as you have WeakSauce installed your device will automatically re-root on each boot.

And that’s it. Want to uninstall? Simply uninstall WeakSauce, then uninstall SuperSu. Couldn’t be any more simple than that. Head over to XDA for troubleshooting support and download links, and be sure to donate a couple of bucks to jcase if you’ve got it — wouldn’t want to see a developer like that not be rewarded for his hard work, would we?

[Thanks, Otis!]

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  • toomuchgame441

    This will probably be the first Android device that I will not plan to root…

    • Steven Code

      May I ask why?

      • malcmilli

        i also have a friend who dabbles of art of rooting but he left his htc one (m7) stock as well. He said he was just happy with it the way it was.

        • No_Nickname90

          There are some root apps that I use, and I wanted to get rid of that menu bar. Other than that, I was pretty content.

          Also, I got WAY to use for Logo-To-Menu. A menu button is a must for me.

  • phinn

    Does rooting it let you reduce the size of the bezel? Ba-dum-pshh.