Crackle, Rdio updated with Chromecast support

Chromecast Featured ready to cast

Chromecast users have a couple of new apps to use with their $35 bundle of joy, as Rdio and Crackle have just been updated to add that functionality. For Rdio, you’re getting the ability to beam your music over to Chromecast. For Crackle? Your video. It’s as simple as that.

Both apps will have a handy Chromecast button that should guide you along the way, and from there it’s as easy as heading to the app on your phone to control things like volume, pause, rewind, fast forward and skip. Google Play Store links for both are straight ahead, so get to it and enjoy being able to get more of your stuff up on the big screen!

Rdio Google Play download link

Crackle Google Play download link

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  • addicuss

    where is my spotify support?

    • ColorblindMonk

      The support for Chromecast seems to be picking up the pace. I wouldn’t be surprised if Spotify jumped on board within the next couple weeks.

  • Huy Bui

    Needs an Amazon Prime Video with Chromecast support.

  • Derek Ross

    I haven’t used Crackle since I sold my Google TV boxes last summer, but when I had them, I used Crackle a few times. This is a welcomed addition for cord cutters like me.