Watch the Moto 360 Hangout with Jim Wicks!

The buzz is already starting to pick up on Android Forums where we’ve created a section for Android Wearables and opened up the Moto 360 Forums and LG G Watch Forums. Prepare for an avalanche as you watch the LIVE Hangout below:

You can watch the Hangout here.

Then circle back to the Moto 360 Forums to continue the conversation!

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  • Ryan O’Neill

    Anyone else having trouble connecting?

    • Brandon

      Yupp. Can’t join on my mac or note 3.

  • Tutsumi

    That’s because it’s currently a Hangout, not a Hangout over Air which is a livestream. Phandroid is trying to be nice.

  • robjackson81

    Chick looks like a young Ricki Lake.

    He was very energetic and excitable. She was very quiet and unexcitable, saying “okay” a lot… didn’t seem into it. I know it’s a difficult and intimidating position to be in, but I think they should have gone with someone more comfortable in that position.

    • MK2

      Seriously bad interviewer.

    • Anfronie

      I think she did fine :)

  • Jody Schoolcraft

    The only thing I learned was that it will work with phones running 4.3 or better, may be water resistant and is round.
    Would have liked to know:
    – Biometrics?
    – Battery Life
    – Charging Method
    – Cost
    – Release Schedule

  • Chimphappyhour

    He states that they didn’t go with square because of the corners digging into your wrist. As a SW2 owner, I can tell you this doesn’t happen.

  • notatechie

    Hilarious. The watch looks beautiful, but…8 minutes into this they are still justifying a watch being ROUND and “…we wanted it to be so that you could always be able to easily tell the time.” Wow! Great idea! For a WATCH!

  • phinn

    I wonder if the watch will be charged kinetically, by solar (although i can’t see this happening with the OLED), or you take the bands and charge it inductively. Seems like it has to be one of those three.