If Google was a guy, he’d still have the worst job ever (Part 2) [VIDEO]

If Google Was Still a Guy Part 2

With all the muck and junk people search for on the internet, it’s safe to say life would suck for Google, you know, if it were an actual guy. We already showed you what that would be like in a video from a few months back, and now the College Humor guys are back with the sequel, “If Google was still a guy: Part 2.”

In the video, we see the NSA snooping behind Google’s desk, with a special cameo appearance by…. well, we don’t want to ruin it. Just watch all the way until the end. Oh, and slightly NSFW (language).

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  • nwd1911

    From a guy who lives under a rock…who was that in the cameo?

  • robjackson81

    Why am I suddenly tempted to Google, “why do my farts smell?”

    • http://www.scottcolbert.com ScottColbert

      Searches related to why do my farts smell

      why do my farts smell so bad when i eat healthy

      why do my farts smell like sulfur

      why do my farts smell so bad sometimes

      why do my farts smell so bad lately

      why do my farts smell like death

      why do my farts smell good

      why do my farts smell like rotten eggs

      why do my farts smell so bad

      Take your pick.

      • Nick Mantzoros

        From my own personal google search

  • Astridax

    Gosh this is bringing out my inner grammar Nazi. If Google WERE a guy. It really saddens me to see a decline in the language skills of native speakers.

    • bakdroid

      No, you are wrong. Google in this instance is being refered to as a singular entity, therefore WAS is correct. The fact that you used the word gosh in a sentence shows your own decline in language skills.

      • Astridax

        Oh really? Is that the only time you think the word ‘were’ is used? To form the past tense with plural subjects xD!

        The use of the word if denotes the use of a conditional tense.

        In the Present Unreal Conditional, the form “was” is not considered grammatically correct. In written English or in testing situations, you should always use “were.” However, in everyday conversation, “was” is often used.


        If he were French, he would live in Paris.

        If she were rich, she would buy a yacht.

        I would play basketball if I were taller.

        I would buy that computer if it were cheaper.

        I would buy that computer if it was cheaper. Not Correct (But often said in conversation.)


        You’ve just proved my point. I would add that the ‘everyday conversation’ excuse isn’t valid. General conversation is dynamic and in real time with little scope for correction. However in text, I would have expected the error to have been corrected.

        Also I don’t see how the use of the word ‘gosh’ is incorrect. However, it isn’t formal.

        • Amreet Mukherjee

          good to see…someone knows what he is talking about..
          Respect :)

          • Astridax

            My mother was an English teacher. Mistakes obvious to her, weren’t left uncorrected xD! That, however, isn’t to say I’m infallible. I’m only human and I don’t mind being corrected. There are plenty of really strange grammar rules that don’t exhibit themselves often. Usually hard to spot mistakes. You know something doesn’t feel or sound correct and yet you can’t spot what it is!

          • Nick Mantzoros

            $hit just got real all up in here.

          • Astridax

            Why because I mentioned my mother, or because we’re discussing grammar? Or perhaps both :P? I could more than understand if it were due to my mother xD!

          • Nick Mantzoros

            Just the thread in general. My fiance is a copy editor with a Master’s in publishing so she knows a thing or two about grammar and nothing ticks her off more when I purposefully use bad grammar or mispronounce words. spatula is Spa too Lah. Trouble is Troubulei and etc.

          • Astridax

            To be honest, I don’t blame the one making the mistake. More the state of education in a number of countries now, including my own.

            Students aren’t motivated enough and subjects have become watered down. Many teachers fail to inspire their students because they aren’t that interested in the subject themselves!

            Never mind about subjects like the sciences being killed by bureaucracy.

      • Frank

        The tense of the verb “to be” is in the subjunctive mood here, so, it’s WERE. Has nothing to do with plural or singular. Any time you are expressing a hypothetical situation, it’s “were,” plain and simple.

        “If I were you….” <–correct
        "If I was you…" <-WRONG

    • http://twitter.com/gamercore Chris Chavez

      FYI, I was only using the title from the video. If you see my post from the previous video, I actually used the word “were.” http://phandroid.com/2014/01/14/if-google-were-a-guy-hed-have-the-worst-job-ever-video/

      • Astridax

        Not to worry Chris! Within seconds of the video I realised it wasn’t your editorial or writing skills that were at fault. If you are gonna post a video, you may as well quote the title verbatim! None of your previous posts have ever had mistakes that were obvious to me. I enjoy reading them, returning regularly to Phandroid.

        I was more referring to the video itself and College Humor (I’ll let that Americanism slide :P).

        • Asperagoat


          It really saddens me to see a decline in the language skills of native speakers.

          • Astridax

            Are you expecting me to adhere to the high scholarly standards of a research paper? ‘Gonna’ is slang, admittedly. However it doesn’t break any grammar rules. There is a difference between getting a tense wrong and using slang on a tech forum. Oh I’m sorry, perhaps I should have wrote technology :P!

            Someone who knew that the word should have been, ‘were’ would not have made the mistake of using the word, ‘was’, or would have corrected it soon after. However using a shortened/slang version of a word suggests I know the meaning and hence the full version.

  • androidscales

    So is this a anti Google or android website ..all you do lately is praise apple or m$ just change the..don’t be a wolf on sheep skin.

    • robjackson81

      Umm… this video/article makes fun of the people who enter funny search terms into Google, not Google itself. Did you actually watch the video or just rush to the comments to criticize?

      • Nick Mantzoros

        This site is so pro Andoid/Google it makes me sick. What, do all of you have Android phones or something?! /sarcasm

      • Roaduardo

        Clearly wasn’t a question serious enough to deserve a response. You gotta look past the dullards, smile and move along.

    • http://www.scottcolbert.com ScottColbert

      I guess you missed the Bing guy. Being buuthurt probably distracted you.

  • vikeam

    hahahahahahahaha dis is funny!!! :D :D :D :D bing!! hahahaha

  • Unorthodox

    BING, muahahaha

  • chuckles87

    Open for business in here

  • Roaduardo

    Hahaha! The NSA agent and Google laughing at the Glass user killed it!