LG-branded capacitive styluses leaked; slaps onto your wrist as a bracelet when not in use

An interesting new accessory seems to have leaked out of LG, with the South Korean company apparently preparing a unique line of capacitive styluses for use on, well, any device with a capacitive display. These things are unique in their ability to wrap around your wrist like one of those awful children’s bracelets from the 90’s.

lg wrist stylus

A source of Phandroid.com mentions that the styluses aren’t smart in any way, and also mentioned that Verizon would be looking to offer these as promotional goodies with the purchase of their version of the LG G Pad 8.3. There’s no word on if these will ever go on sale as a standalone accessory, though there’s nothing to suggest LG’s plans either way.

Leaks from other sources suggest these will come in multiple colors, including orange, red, and green. There could be many more, of course, but that’s all we know of for sure at this point.

It’s not a groundbreaking product, but we wouldn’t mind wearing one of these on our wrists if they were to come with our tablet or smartphone at the point of sale. We’ll be digging for more concrete information on this quirky leak, but in the meantime you can grab a look of it in the photos above and below.

lg wrist stylus 2


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  • Marcos Peña

    That’s pretty neat. They just need to add a flexible display and boom profit!

  • Ryan O’Neill

    I’ll pay $5 for it. That’s about all it’s worth

  • WhoaManWtF

    I would most likely pick one up if it were around 10 bucks.

    • Natia Wood

      That’s creative

  • KingofPing

    This…is actually a pretty cool idea. I actually want one…

  • The Credible Hulk


  • David Narada Brown

    INTERESTING! good job LG

  • JaswinderSinghJammu

    Very clever if you like bracelets. Still cool though

  • Dt Bell

    Nice idea,

  • toomuchgame441


  • thedicemaster

    it won’t work on many devices.
    the tip is too small, just like with the Samsung C-pen.

  • scoter man1

    It definitely looks a bit silly with the tip just sticking out of it like that. It should be able to be pressed in when not in use.

  • crocop24

    LOL wow.

    If any guy puts that on their wrist, they deserve to be bi**h slapped.

    • Phil_A_Shio

      No left high kick? lol

  • Steven Skwarkowski

    Ill take a guess and say most of this crowd is too young to remember these.


    • Henri Weich Conradie

      Have never even seen them. Kinda funny, those.

    • WhoaManWtF

      I would guess not they went well into the 90’s

  • MK2

    What. The. Hell. Who would wear one of those around?

  • steveb944

    I got overly excited thinking the G3 would bring Note like functionality. Reality is okay tho

  • Pkmmte

    This would perfect with my micro USB charging cable bracelet!