All new HTC One (2014) launching in the UK same day as unveiling



We’re less than a week away from the official unveiling of the all new HTC One 2014. After numerous leaks over the past few weeks have revealed everything from the hardware specs to software features in Sense 6.0, HTC has still managed to keep a few cards close to its chest, namely, the actual release date for the handset.

After last year’s HTC One launch fiasco saw the device delayed by several weeks in some regions, it seems HTC might be set to finally right their wrongs with the HTC One 2014. As announced in a Carphone Warehouse press release, the all new HTC One will be available the same day the announcement commences on March 25th. Well, in the UK anyway. This not only helps give HTC the jump on the Galaxy S5, but ensures hardcore fans have little time to mull over their next smartphone purchase, potentially making the HTC One 2014 an impulse buy.

Carphone Warehouse says they’ll be transporting the device directly from the announcement venue in London to six of their stores in London — Westfield Stratford, Westfield White City, Oxford Circus, Centrepoint and Tottenham Court Road — where they’ll be celebrating the launch with entertainment and giveaways. Phone and online orders will also be available shortly after the One’s announcement for couch potatoes.

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  1. That’s how you launch a phone!

  2. Should I wait.

  3. I’m definitely in the market for a new HTC, I luv upgrading

  4. if they can pull this off through the big 4 usa carriers it will definitely be huge.

    1. Ngfh. Not gonna f$&king happen.

  5. U can do it HTC!

  6. Htc sucks balls i wont be surprised if this becomes a fail too.

  7. LOL….huge flop incoming!

  8. My HTC One X is suffering from blank screen that requires a twist in the corners to get it working again. 2 years old though. Hmmm. Do I get the new phone then? Tempting.

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