Heads up: Hangouts is being weird today (other Google services too)


Google Hangouts is down, we repeat: Hangouts is down. Just a quick heads up, for those noticing some weird activity with Google Hangouts (also known as Google Talk). Google has posted to their social accounts — as well as their Google Apps Status Dashboard — that they’re currently experiencing some technical difficulties, and Hangouts is down for a good sum of users.

But that’s not the only Google service having trouble this St. Paddy’s Day. Google Sheets and Google Voice outages have also been reported by users, so don’t go blaming your phone or custom ROM. We’d expect Google’s best men are on top of the issue, let’s just hope they’re fairing better than Andy in the picture above.

UPDATE: Looks like service has been restored for “some users,” with full operation resuming shortly. Hang in there!

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  • Havoc70

    Little Late Chris, the have been down all morning and already coming back up

    • http://twitter.com/gamercore Chris Chavez

      Yeah, had other stuff on the plate but at the time of writing, it was still full orange circle. Now it’s a half circle, but I’m guessing that still covers a good couple million Google Talk users.

  • irishrally

    Haha that’s a great picture.

  • Ryan N

    My phone has drained through battery like crazy today. I’m at 40% with not even 50m of screen time. Could the Google services breakdown be at fault?

    • Ralkkai

      Check to see if Media is consuming your battery. I had that issue today and a reboot seemed to fix it. I was draining about 10% per hour and I’m on a G2.

  • Montisaquadeis

    Think someone over at Google tripped over some cables and they are unable to find them because of drunkenness

    • http://twitter.com/gamercore Chris Chavez


  • toomuchgame441

    The picture used in the article was funny… *thumbs up*

  • KosmoCrisis

    Nice choice of brew Andy. I think I still owe you a Guinness Chris. Or are you gonna puss out on me?

  • Mark Wheeler

    Love the pic :D that’s my favorite brew!

  • Danny Alvarez

    When a Google service goes down, you know the apocalypse is near.

  • James Cho

    I read the article for the picture