Google’s upcoming smartwatch specs allegedly leaked


Android smartwatch concept

Our friend @evleaks is releasing a few new juicy tidbits on what is sure to be a hot item this year: the Google smartwatch. Sundar Pichai already mentioned that an Android SDK for wearables was soon on its way and today, we might have a few key specs from the fabled Android-powered smartwatch.

According to the tip, the smartwatch will be manufactured by LG and come with a 1.65-inch 280×280 resolution LCD IPS display. Right off the bat, that leaves us a little worried about battery life (and size if they try to compensate), but nothings confirmed. Other specs include 4GB of internal storage, which, to us, sounds like a bit much for a watch meant to do little more than display the time, run a few apps, right? 512MB of RAM was also mentioned, which sounds like more than enough for multitasking on a tiny smartwatch.

By comparison, the upcoming Samsung Gear 2 which we saw unveiled only a few short weeks ago carriers a higher resolution 1.63-inch 320×320 display, but the same 512MB of RAM and 4GB of storage. While nothings confirmed, expect the Google smartwatch to offer compatibility outside of Samsung’s Galaxy devices.

Not included in this leak was the actual processor. Now, we don’t expect anything along the lines of quad-core, we’re just keeping our fingers crossed for something a little more up-to-date (and supported) than the TI OMAP found in Google Glass.

Maybe this is what that rumor was referring to when it said Google was going with LG for the next Nexus device. Nexus smartwatch?


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  • Nick Mantzoros

    I hope it’s a snapdragon 801 so that it gets hot enough to burn the hair off your wrist.

    • Chris Chavez

      3,000mAh or GFTO.

      • KOLIO

        Introducing the LG FLEX-WATCH……………

      • Jroc869, Nexus-Life

        This made me lol and also look like a fool doing it in a quiet room full of people. Thanks Chris lol

        • Chris Chavez

          *slaps butt*

    • Henri Weich Conradie

      Introducing the new hybrid smartwatch/wristwarmer. Guaranteed to burn through two layers of skin in 30 seconds or your money back!

  • namesib

    Have smartwatches actually become popular?

    • KOLIO

      Hell yeah,they’re KEWL,like a mood ring…….

  • Delmar

    An lg flex watch would actually make sense…. hopefully this is fully compatible with “play music” out the box or else forget about it

    • dizel123

      “why” “wouldn’t” “it” “be” “compatible” “with” play music “out” “of” “the” “box” “?”

      • Jared Meadows

        Maybe Delmar is thinking of how Google Glass only semi-recently received the ability to play music, however, Glass is MUCH more beta, as it is an entire platform Google is creating, whereas GWrist (I don’t know what else to call it) would simply be an adaptation of Android I’m assuming? :-

    • Alberto_jr

      Yes, and without the phone being near by. Ideal for the gym. Leave my phone in car, leave watch on

  • steveb944

    Fingers crossed for a Nexus Watch! I’ll jump on that train.

  • HeatFan786

    So will the Samsung Galaxy Gear 3 need like 2 GB of RAM to balance out TW?

    • Chris Chavez

      It’s not TouchWiz….. it’s Tizen. :P

      • HeatFan786

        Even worse software.

  • HeatFan786

    I wonder what the price point will be for a “Nexus Smartwatch?” I would like to buy one at about $100, but that wouldn’t happen. Could it seamlessly work with any other phones and still have all the functionality as well? Some important things to think about as a consumer.

  • brkshr

    But Google’s smartwatch will work with multiple manufacturers phones. Not just Samsung phones. Google automatically wins.

    • Shawn Wade

      But I’ve heard that the Google watch will rely on Google now..Google now blows.

      • brkshr

        I really like Google Now, so that’s a plus for me. To each their own…

    • Mr. Smith

      hopefully it works on ios to I don’t have any android phone any more my nexus4 was cracked and then lost

      • brkshr

        I’m not a big iOS fan, but honestly I hope it works on iOS as well. I prefer things to not be locked into one eco-system.

  • JPB

    Yet another smartwatch that ignores 50% of the population. Too big and square for a women’s wrist. Sadly, I predict that it will be Apple that figures out that maybe even women want a smartwatch.

    • Gabe

      How do you propose putting a touchscreen “smart device” into a watch that is a similar size as current womens watches?

      It would not have a functional screen, period.

      I’d also contend that 50% of the population would make up 5-10% of sales. Most women I know have a much better grip on fashion sense than I ever will, and I dress fairly decent. I don’t see a big nerd watch being a “must have” going into the next shopping season.

      Guys on the other hand? We still can’t find matching socks most of the time.

      • JPB

        It doesn’t need to be a square. Think about a fitness type devices where the entire band is a display. I see a lot of women wearing fitness bands. It’s not a stretch to add some function to these. This would be a great use of the newer flex displays, especially with a touch of color and some brushed metal.

        Back when iPods were all the rage, Apple figured out a way to turn these devices into “wearables”. They were colorful, thin, and women actually hitched them onto their clothing or purses.

        As I said, Apple will likely figure it out. Then Samsung will. Then, finally, Google might get a clue.

        Make no mistake. I’m a huge Google fan. I’m here on phandroid, right?

        I guarantee you, someone will figure out a way to put out a smartwatch for women and it will sell. It saddens me that it probably won’t be Google.

        • The Credible Hulk

          Basically you want the Samsung Fit Smart watch.

          • JPB

            Perhaps, although I haven’t seen it up close. I’m not a Samsung fan though.

        • JaswinderSinghJammu

          I have no doubt that will come up with a better design and it will be a hit. Apple’s problem isn’t design it’s problem is the ever shrinking market share which will eventually mean that they will be selling to super elite to stay profitable and eventually will die a horrible death like Apple did when they fired Jobs as CEO the first time around.

          • Fred Marshall

            Well then they can just bring Jobs back to help revitalize their market share

            …..oh wait….

          • JaswinderSinghJammu

            Exactly, people were buying the excitement of Jobs not icrap. No Jobs no excitement. No Apple or not for long

          • No_Nickname90


    • spicymeatball

      You saw the earring device right? They need to make a real pretty curved wide bracelet display that allows you to turn to a variety of screens for different function. Text, Now, and the like. Guys might even start wearing bracelets if they did that.

    • Magnus100

      Really, who doesn’t know that the above is just a render

      • JPB

        What are you talking about? Who said anything about the picture? It says right in the description, “come(s) with a 1.65-inch 280×280 resolution LCD IPS display”.

    • crocop24

      yes..bc women buy technology. lol…maybe a kitchen appliance.

  • CodyTaylor

    I just can’t get excited about smart watches…. Yet. Maybe down the line I will, but currently they just don’t do it for me. In almost every scenario it seems like it’s easier to pull out my phone. There are exceptions of course, but I think these will take a few iterations before I bite

  • spicymeatball

    This may sound crazy but I think they should give iPhone users the exclusive rights for the first 30 days. Really step into Apple’s business and rattle their cage. I know that might irritate all of us loyal android fans but ultimately we win when proprietary hardware manufacturers lose. Services should be platform agnostic and right now it seems like only Google gets that.

    • The Credible Hulk

      Apple in slowly sinking already. Google doesn’t need to do anything like that and yea I would be upset about it.

      • Mark Wheeler

        Yep… All those billions in profit.. They’re taking In too much water, won’t be much longer now… I bet they’ll only sell as many millions of iPhones and iPads if not more than last year.. You’re right they’ll be out of business any day now and people won’t buy macs anymore either..

    • Anfronie

      You’re right that does sound crazy.

    • jj14x

      Yep – I agree with Anfronie – it does sound crazy.
      How does giving iphone users the exclusive rights for a month step into Apple’s business more than making it available for all from day 1?

  • lolwut

    “And size if they want to compensate”

    … phrasing

  • DavidB23

    I would not wear any of the proposed smartwatches. They all lack style. They are attempting to find a solution, for a problem they dont understand. The general public does not want a clunky ill designed shrunken phone strapped to their wrist; which is what all existing smart watches look like. Below is a link to a concept that people would buy. The technical aspects need to be solved of course; but this design has style and function…

    • Unorthodox

      That concept is definitely something I’d buy!

    • e_cell mobile

      I agree. A smart watch should still look like a watch with smart functions. Not a tiny phone screen strapped on your wrist.

    • Misha Bear Lipkin

      You know what would make a great smartwatch face? take the round portion of the Motorola Aura cell phone. THAT would be beautiful!

    • Misha Bear Lipkin

      Sorry, this is the phone I’m talking about, Motorola Aura

      • barry99705

        Man, those things are still going for $800 on ebay and they came out 5 years ago!

    • No_Nickname90

      How about they hand over that concept so I can have it?

  • JustinCrouch

    really solid article Chris. You are my favorite writer.

  • aranea100

    Mirasol or eink screens are the way to go for a smartwatch

  • Wozn2

    The most important spec is missing. Battery life.

  • chris_johns

    Make it look like a watch google…and fyi 95% of watches worth wearing…are round…not square…id take a bigger circular smart watch that looks like a watch over a smaller square one that looks like it belongs in cartoons any day

  • Misha Bear Lipkin

    The other thing about a square watch I know that my round watch takes a beating but the glass is thick enough to not shatter, just has scuffs and scratches. I really wouldn’t want a touch screen watch, I think buttons on a round watch that vibrates for alerts is ALL I need. nothing more.

  • No_Nickname90

    I had a square watch before. It kept poking me and I didn’t like it in the end. Mainly because of that. =.[

  • TransMaroBird

    I’m still enjoying the original smartwatch, ten years on, tells temp, barametric pressure, altitude, has a compass, alarm and chronograph, plus the battery life is about 3 years……

  • elsewire

    I sure hope they can change my stance on the current state of smartwatches

  • TheJunkie

    This looks pretty nice to me. I am in as long as
    1. it tells date and time and supports all android devices for msg sync
    2. waterproof at least 40 meters
    3. full range of fitness functions
    4. last long enough to charge once a week (probably still pushing…..and if we are talking about daily, then the deal is definitely off even if this thing can massage my back or wash my car)

    Everything else is optional and expandable if there is cost involved;)