Spigen now listing cases for upcoming HTC One 2 (2014)

Spigen HTC One 2 2014 cases

Wouldn’t call this a “leak” as much as it could be Spigen simply jumping the gun. The 3rd party case maker has gone ahead and thrown up some images of the upcoming HTC One 2 (HTC One 2014), housed snuggly inside their Slime Armor case. The cases come in a variety of metallic colors — silver, gold, black, green, and navy blue — retailing for $25. According to Spigen, these new cases wont be in stock until “mid-April,” possibly cluing us into the device’s expected release timing. Check it out for yourselves via the link below.

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  • http://twitter.com/SParKlngCyaNide SparklingCyanide

    I only use vertical slip cases for my phones but… this is one nice looking case, it compliments the m8 without making it look gaudy.

  • aeok18109

    i had bought one of these for my Note 3. pictures look better then real life. no protection. will stick with otterbox defender -_-

    • Henri Weich Conradie

      I think lifeproof and ballistic cases would say otherwise.

  • steveb944

    I like how the product description states ” The case fits precisely onto the Galaxy S5..” I guess it’s universal fit. I have one of their clear back cases for my N5, I’d want a clear for my M8 as well

  • DDroid45

    ok…… now this is what im talking about, that all new one inside the case makes the BEZEL look so much smaller than other leeks, now if the bezel is this small then im definitely back in the market to upgrade my current HTC ONE

    • Henri Weich Conradie

      You should go back to the grocery store and get some bigger leeks.

      • DDroid45

        Hahahahahahaha man that crap was sooooo stupid I had to laugh…. Just what in the heck is you talking about

        • RobWild

          He’s referring to your misspell/misuse of the word “leeks” which is what you would typically find at a grocery store. It’s a cute pun imo.

          • DDroid45

            Awwwww crap, lol, I didn’t even know what a leek was until I just googled it. CAN PEOPLE MAKE MISTAKES IN THIS WORLD!!!

  • supremekizzle

    Cases suck.

  • http://www.mydroidstation.com Akshay Sihag

    yeah cases suck…….guys have a look at the leaked wallpapers from all new HTC One here….thses are 18 beautiful wallpapers from New HTC One


  • crocop24

    Spigen make by far the nicest looking cases.

    I have a neo hybrid on my S4 and I get people asking me all the time what phone im using.

    I got the champagne gold one. Best purchase i’ve made.


    • roberthenderson

      I’ve got the slim armor on my Galaxy Note 3 and it looks great.

  • roberthenderson

    it’s so hilarious how many idiots talk about having to have a metal build quality when you either have to be rich, stupid, or both to not have your phone in a case. Makes me wonder where all the Samsung haters come from.

    • crocop24

      LOL so true.

      EVERYONE uses a case..well at least 95% of people…would be stupid not too especially with how fragile phones are now a days with 5+ inch screens.

      Yet people want a heavier, metal phone. logic…not even once.

      • malcmilli

        not everyone uses cases, i dare to say maybe its 60/40 for cases vs no cases

    • malcmilli

      depends on the phone, my old Evo 4g LTE has no case and has been dropped NUMEROUS times onto wood floors and bus floors and subway floors and kitchen floors, and there is no screen cracks or chipped off pieces. A few scratches on the corners but that’s it. If the phone is built properly you really don’t NEED a case.

      • JointhePredacons

        Even if the phone is “Built properly” its absolutely reckless not to have it in a protective case.

        • malcmilli

          if the phone is built to withstand a few drops, how is it reckless? That’s like saying its wreck-less not to have that real bumper flap that hangs out the trunk on your car.

          edit: i’ve had multiple phones that have withstood multiple drops like champs, maybe i’m just lucky… but my ipod even survived a spin cycle through the washer machine. I’ve put cases onto brand new devices and ended up just taking them off one or two months later. The only phone i never took out of my cases was the nexus 4… and that was because i was terrified of its glass build.

          Using your phone without a case is like having sex without a condom… sure there are risks… but it feels so good when you do it. And some phones have significantly higher risks than others.

  • Dan Lane

    I see that Hyperion already had their HTC One 2 cases available and they say “in stock” but it looks like they are as confused about the name as HTC is! http://www.hyperionea.com/product-category/htc/all-new-one-one-plus-one-m8/

  • JointhePredacons

    Lol, “slime armor” sounds cool, but a little icky.