OnePlus One to use hands-free voice activation ala Moto X

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Another day, another bit of OnePlus One info revealed. This time, the company has revealed an interesting, and significant, software feature they’ll be looking to introduce in conjunction with the CyanogenMod team.The feature would allow you to initiate voice commands without touching your phone, even while it’s locked.

While this feat has already been accomplished by Motorola with their Moto X and the latest stable of DROID phones, this would be the first time we’ve seen another OEM introduce something similar without the super-duper-special Moto X8 Computing System (a Snapdragon S4-based configuration).

OnePlus seems to suggest Qualcomm has built this low-powered capability into the Snapdragon 800 that will be used in the OnePlus One, and they’ve worked with the CyanogenMod team to get it up and running in their custom version of the firmware. They only have one problem — they need your help coming up with the hot word!

The company is running a poll on their website allowing users to vote on which hot word to use to wake the phone up. “OK, OnePlus” seems to be the preferred option by a few hundred miles with 74.4% of the votes, but other options include “Wake up, OnePlus” and “Alakazam.”

We’re guessing the key is to find something short, yet distinguished. Cool, yet not too quirky. It seems like the community already has their mind made up, but you can head here to vote if you feel like seeing if you can move the needle.

And before you wonder whether or not this feature will ever make its way to the normal CyanogenMod build, we wouldn’t hold our breath. This feature seems to rely on very specific hardware optimization, and we’d be surprised if the CyanogenMod team felt comfortable enough to introduce it to a crop of users who don’t have the necessary components without inducing extreme battery drain.

All the more reason to buy the OnePlus One, we suppose. We’ll be patiently awaiting the next bit of news to come out about this exciting phone. In the meantime, be sure to catch up on everything else we’ve already learned if you haven’t already.

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  • MooseCat

    Very specific hardware like a Snapdragon 800 or more than that? C’mon added functionality for the N5!

  • David Narada Brown

    All that they have confirmed with this phone and a promise to keep the price under $400!!! I think they are winning. Hope this doesnt come out too late, either way its this or a nexus for me. next they will need to confirm U.S. carriers for this phone. Thats gonna be pretty important.

    • Michael Quinlan

      I’m not denying it’s important to get Verizon and Sprint to buy in if they want to maximize sales, but AT&T & T-Mobile customers don’t need carrier buy in – they just need band compatibility.

      • David Narada Brown

        yea i was just curious as to which networks this will be compatible with. Im currently with Verizon but not under contract so I’ll be looking to make a move based on the phone i choose. more than likely it’ll be Straight talk on AT&T towers tho. I already have a sim just need to make sure they will activate it.

  • Derek Ross

    What, no ok, Jarvis? Seriosuly though, this is awesome.

  • Ryan5609

    Hopefully they dont take to long to launch this phone. The specs sounds great right now, but if they wait 6+ months, the One+ One wont be looking like the cutting edge device it is today. Anyone heard what carriers they will be supporting? Certainly not Verizon, I am thinking AT&T and T-Mobile, but it will almost certainly be a GSM phone.

    • Derek Ross

      The phone has to launch in less than 3 months to hold to their sometime during Q2 statement. It will be an unlocked GSM phone, no Sprint or Verizon.

      • Ryan5609

        That sounds great. I hope they can meet that goal. It’s stuff like this that makes me glad I switched from VZW. They would never carry a phone like this, even if it was CDMA compliant. They do plan on a US launch, correct? I’ll have to wait and see the final product to determine whether or not this will be a worthy upgrade from my Nexus 5.

      • ryan rochford

        @derekross:disqus only GSM? I figured since the GPE NEXUS 5 and iphone 5 or newer have the radios for any carrier, then most new unlocked phones would as well….

  • aeok18109

    I vote for Bankai

  • Michael Quinlan

    “OK Google” is generically available to any phone running Google Now, though it’s not ALWAYS listening. Is the insignificantly different “OK Google Now” patented, trademarked, or otherwise undesirable? If not, then using a different phrase just seems like the audio equivalent of a skin – something that adds no functionality, yet requires users to interact differently than with other devices.

    • SorinDobrin

      You just don’t know what they’re actually talking about in this article, do you?

      • Henri Weich Conradie

        Oblivious commentor is oblivious.