Download these “All New HTC One” wallpapers and sounds (and watch the latest teaser video)

Hope you stamped your ticket for this All New HTC One hype train, because it’s about to be full steam ahead with the launch of the 2014 flagship looming. HTC has released another Technical Translations video, this time “not-telling” us about the next generation camera mounted onto the back of this thing.

Of course, we should be saying “cameras,” as this device will have two rear sensors (which rumors say is for facilitating a new technique for post-snapshot focusing).

The whacky video is above, and there are no surprises — they mention the all new HTC One in passing, but don’t actually reveal any details about the thing. We’ll have to wait until March 25th for all of that (though we learned over the weekend that there would be a cool flip case available for the device).

In the meantime, we do get some actual, tangible goods from the all new HTC One itself. An XDA forum-goer has managed to get their hands on a pack of wallpapers and sounds from the all new HTC One, so you can get a small taste of what the device might feel like once it’s actually in your hands a bit later this year.

You can find 8 of our favorites from the package in the gallery above, though that’s only scratching the surface of the 18-file collection. You can download all the wallpapers with this convenient download right here.

As for the sounds, all of them can be had in this 25MB package right here. Simply copy all the files and folders from the package to system/media/audio and merge them with all the other audio your device already provides.

[via XDA-Developers]

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  • DDroid45

    Waiting for the moment they tease the battery life.

    • domatau

      it had better be ALL DAY!

      • No_Nickname90

        My HTC One can last all day, but that’s if I don’t watch Netflix with the brightness over half for 1 and a half hours on the bus and start streaming Google Music on the 30 minute walk to work. =.[

  • Ranjan Srinivas

    If you download the sounds for the m8 in the given link, and open the folder ‘ui’, there’s a sound for wireless charging Named ‘WirelessChargingStarted.ogg’. So that means we’re getting wireless charging right? Hope so. :D

    • Guest

      OMG yes. how did you see that

      • mamemame187

        He browsed folders.

        • Guest

          cool i hope its real

    • TimmyB44

      Now, THAT I would upgrade from my HTC One for!!! Nice find, Ranjan. :)