Tom Hanks classic Big now available for free on Google Play [DEALS]

Big free Google Play offer

It’s one of our favorite movies from the (late) 80’s and if you hurry on over to the Google Play Store, you can find the Tom Hanks classic Big being offered for free in Movies & TV. Once purchased (it’ll ring up for $0.00), the movie will be added to your permanent Movies & TV library, allowing you go back and stream the movie whenever the heck you like. We told you guys about a similar offer not too long ago in which Google offered up Elf (SD) completely free of charge, so we’re happy Google is at it again.

Download link provided below and best of all, the offer extends to the UK as well. Cheers!

Purchase on Google Play: Big

BIG Tom Hanks movie

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  • CGS

    This is pretty cool. But I have to admit I’m being selfish and am slightly upset there aren’t more sales going on, especially for TV seasons. Oh well.

  • ac

    Yup. Just swooped it up an hour ago. Glad you posted this up, Chris.

  • Phaz0n

    You can’t argue with free.

    • Jason Farrell

      I should be paid to watch this!!!

  • Joeyjoejoejrshabidu

    Sweet :-)

  • Nick Mantzoros

    love that movie

  • JMS55C

    No Canada -_- Why this hate

    • Chris Chavez

      Ha! I honestly don’t think regional availability is a Google issue, but a movie studio one.

    • ahchoo

      It is available in Canada. I downloaded it last night. You have to scroll down a little bit. I heard manually searching for it makes it paid, whereas clicking on the banner makes it available for free. Elf wasn’t available in Canada though.

  • DX

    Yup as I suspected just like elf. NOT AVAILABLE in Canada.

  • Delmar

    Shout out to google for the free movie and for telling me about the free movie !!

  • Jon R

    Funny, they finally extend these sort of things to the UK, yet I still HAVE TO give payment details to prove my country or origin

  • 9Johnnyn9ne9


  • guitarist5122

    Grabbed it already! Love this movie and it’s about time I watch it again. Been years since I last saw it, so thanks Google!

  • Michel Pinquier

    Also available in France for free.

  • Carl Sutter

    They charged me $13.97 for it when all the buttons said “free”. Must not be free in New Mexico huh?