Look what popped up: LG G Pop and LG G2 Pop

The USPTO has been a tech treasure trove of new trademark filings lately. We’re most eagerly awaiting further word on the Samsung Z, wondering if it will in fact be their first Tizen Phone, and now LG is elbowing in on the anticipation action. LG has pushed at least two new potential mobile phones through the USPTO – the LG G Pop and the LG G2 Pop – along with the LG G Mini.

LG G Pop

If we were forced to guess, we’d be inclined to say the LG G Pop and LG G2 Pop would be colorful alternatives to their popular G series. The colorful route has been popular this past year, with the Moto X and iPhone 5C initially battling it out, and that “G Pop” name certainly sounds of the same ilk.

G Pop: it’s a great name for a google-inspired colorful accessory brand. Such a great name, in fact, that it’s already being used. Google Glass Explorers know “G Pop” as the stylish decals you can apply to Google Glass, giving them your own personal flair.

Google Glass G Pop

We’re not trying to incite an intellectual property battle – we’re too darn sick of those – but if LG does intend to go the stylish “make your own” route with a soon-to-be-introduced G Pop brand, we’re curious where that road might lead.

And remember, we merely suggested it as a possibility after you forced us to guess.

Assuming our hail mary heave from left field is incorrect, what could the LG G Pop and LG G2 Pop be? They might not even be phones: maybe they’ll be colorful cases. Or how about LG’s own apps for sharing news, memes, and interesting articles? Maybe they’re trademark landmines, filed to keep competitors guessing.

Grains of salt might be needed, but our trademark hawk eyes usually prove pretty good. After all it was only a couple weeks ago that we spotted some LG trademarks¬†and now we’re at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona getting hands-on videos with those exact phones.

Or maybe… just maybe… LG trademarked “G Pop” in anticipation of Google’s next iteration of Android?


Forget about that grain of salt, we’re going to need a fleet of salt trucks from a Syracuse winter.

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  • Mirad77

    A candy or soda will come to mind with that name not an electronics, talk less a cell phone

  • http://www.greenless.com Lex Lybrand

    First 5.0 Lollipop device?

  • Mark Washington

    Lollipop? Interesting not Licorice. But I actually prefer to have a Laffy Taffy above all !

  • Sharky

    I had an LG Pop a few years ago before a decent Android phone came out, not a bad little phone for what it was. The “selling point” was a choice of home screens, one of them represented your contacts as small animals that walked around the screen. I wonder if the G Pop will be similarly aimed at a younger audience?

  • http://www.us.playstation.com/ HyperTallih

    LG lollypop? Amazing!

  • T_Dizzle

    It’s an energy drink , right?