Clear your desk space: 10-inch “MEGA” Android figurines are on the way

mega android collectible 1

We’ve always had our fair share of fun with these little miniature Android figurines by Andrew Bell via Dead Zebra, but it looks like the big boys are ready to come out and play. Andrew Bell has announced the new MEGA sized figurines, which are 10-inch versions of the little Android mascot we know and love. It might not be life-sized, but these things stand quite tall up against the originals. You can see a comparison in some of the images above and below.

And their physical stature isn’t the only thing getting bigger, either. These seem to cost a pretty penny at retail, with some stores beginning to list the plain figurines for a whopping $70. We can only imagine how much special limited edition designs will end up costing once Andrew Bell puts his creative genius to work.

Vinyl Riot is the first retailer we can find that has these for sale, though they won’t be shipping until the week of February 26th.¬†They also have do-it-yourself versions available for $65, giving you a blank, white slate to make your figurine look however you want.

Andrew Bell expects them to be up on Dead Zebra soon as well, so keep an eye out there in the weeks to come. In the meantime, you’ll want to bookmark this Google+ page as Bell is looking to direct all discussion (whether it’s about deals, availability or whatever comes to mind) in that particular comment thread. Let us know if you’re going to be looking for these once they’re up for sale.

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  • Dan


    • Sean Royce

      Memes are terrible, you could have just written that.

      • Cesar Ortiz

        Steven carrel as a meme will never be terrible :I

        • No_Nickname90

          But the execution of it. IDK… I mean, the “$70″ should have been on the picture. I read over that and saw the picture.

          • Cesar Ortiz

            You might be right. Still it doesn’t take the funny out of it :o

  • WoodyGrape

    the top pops off and fits roughly 1 oz of your favorite herbs or spices…

    • No_Nickname90

      I do like my spicy food…

  • Derek Ross

    This has all of my wants and will go nicely with my few dozen Android minis. Hmm. I wonder what types of mods people will come up with for the big one?

  • Mark Wheeler

    Sooooo…. What makes it worth $70 exactly?

  • Jay

    I’d be willing to pay $35. But not a penny more.

    • Derek Ross

      People pay hundreds for rare Android minis already. $70 for a collector, such as myself, is no big deal.

      • Jay

        Maybe if it was a limited collector’s item, but it’s just a plain Jane robot. Granted it’s big but 70 bucks worth of big?

      • TheRealBBOX

        No comment, I’ll just leave this here.

        • Derek Ross


  • American Patriot

    Injection molded plastic…..NOT worth the high cost to me.
    I would not mind paying $20.00 with shipping, but not above this, plastic just does not have the value, no matter how ‘cute’ they look on the bench, they are still plastic toys.

  • American Patriot

    Let’s try a Hallmark ornament, shall we?
    Lighted, with provenance would add to the value as a collectible, but nothing mass-marketed should have such ‘value’ as a stand-alone product marketed as a novelty item.

  • American Patriot

    My wife bought a couple of those huge Minecraft plastic figures for our son, I didn’t realize the cost, but each was $30.00 retail….I almost blew a gasket finding that out!
    Minecraft or not, NO plastic figuring is worth $30.00, not even a nickel’s worth of material goes into them. It’s all marketing to kids, and parents will pay anything to satisfy a kid’s demand for specific toys when they are related to a popular game, such as Minecraft.

    • Derek Ross

      34 year old man here. I wouldn’t say the marketing is for kids. The marketing is for collectors and fanboys with money to burn. And, if my son wanted a $70 plastic Minecraft toy, I’d probably buy it for him because he loves that game. #dadlife

  • Jason Williams

    Ok I got a 31″ Darth Vader for less than $15 at Christmas so this doesn’t pass smell test.

  • American Patriot

    The figurines I speak of are of ‘Steve’ and a ‘creeper’….
    Square figures, never found a suitable reason for a fantasy world of blocks, save for Star Trek Borg cubes. Even my Enterprise model lights up and has sound effects, and this was priced in the $30.00 range, more bang for the buck over a plastic block-esque figurine that does nothing. I guess it really boils down to getting what you like, silly me.

  • Tony Lai

    Maybe for $20….

  • bbqsfire

    ill just wait until they go 50% off somewhere because 70 bucks is crazy. I know I have close to 200 bucks in the small figures but that is higher than I am willing to pay.