Verizon introduces “More Everything” plans; more data, Edge discounts and, well, more

T-Mobile said they’d be looking to put a hurting on the big guys at the top of the wireless food chain, and it looks like some are listening and (somewhat) responding.


Verizon is the latest carrier to introduce some sweeping changes to their options, as they have introduced “More Everything” plans. These plans are structured nearly identically to Share Everything, but you just get more. Simple as that.

So how much is “more?” Here’s how Verizon tells it:

  • Data: Simplified monthly data allowances that fit their family’s wireless needs. Some customers will see their data allowance doubled for the same monthly price they paid previously.
  • Verizon Edge: MORE Everything customers who choose Verizon Edge will also be eligible for $10 off monthly smartphone access for data allowances up to 8 GB, and $20 off monthly smartphone access on plans of 10 GB and higher.
  • Messaging: Unlimited international messaging will be added to unlimited domestic text, picture and video messaging.
  • Storage: Each MORE Everything line can use up to 25 GB (or up to 250 GB on a 10 line account) of cloud storage from Verizon Wireless, which means customers never lose a contact’s number, cherished photos of the once-in-a-lifetime vacation, or video from a school recital. Cloud storage also means important information is easily available whether devices are upgraded tomorrow or in two years.

It probably goes without saying, but you’ll need to be hooked up on Verizon’s Share Everything plans to even be considered for these goodies. Those still holding onto unlimited data for dear life should probably disregard all of this.

It’s worth noting that Verizon specifically says only “some” customers will see their data allowance doubled. Nearly all plans will see a bump, but some might only see 1GB over what they currently enjoy. For instance, 500MB to 1GB is double, but not a big jump. In the same breath, customers with 2GB won’t suddenly get bumped to 4GB — those folks are only enjoying an increase to 3GB.

Verizon says they’ll be automatically moving existing Share Everything customers to More Everything plans starting today, while new customers (even those with small business accounts) will be subject to More Everything by default.

[via Verizon]

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  • Cliff Wynne

    So are they going to email us poor slobs that are on verizon about these updates to our plans or do we have to login and see the joy of a couple extra GBs or in some cases MBs

    • Kyle Hurd

      These are good things….

    • Dvrcowboy

      You could always leave

      • Cliff Wynne

        not everyone has that option. I dont live in an area where the competition has a good enough signal.

        • Dvrcowboy

          You could always …Move

          Just joking around with you buddy, its unfortunate that you live in an area where they are you only option

        • Dakota

          That’s why they dont need to lower prices to Tmobile levels. Sometimes you do get what you pay for

  • 5280skier

    Gee, thanks Verizon. How about you extend these new MORE plans to people who bring their own device instead of attempting to cover up your overpriced EDGE plan? Of course you wouldn’t do that, you love to lock people into contracts and ETFs. No thanks, I left Verizon for AT&T (yeah, I know T-Mo is better deal, but I need the coverage) with BYOD and their new Family 10GB plans and am saving $40 over what I paid at Verizon. Best move I’ve made in sometime.

    • WickedToby741

      Verizon dislikes BYOD. Exhibit A: Nexus 7 and their “device certification process”.

      And I also left Verizon for AT&T (GoPhone specifically) and couldn’t be happier.

    • Dakota

      In time but right now they don’t need to do that. They’re #1 and still gaining customers…

  • bbqsfire

    They don’t really make these plans that appealing for those who already have a plan over 6gb. I was hoping to get an extra gb of data..oh well. I just wish sprint provided better coverage where I travel and I would be back to them in a heartbeat.

    • Dakota

      Probably cuz the majority of people don’t use that much data. Most have Wi-Fi at home, maybe work too. If you’re not streaming video and music all day, you won’t use those huge amounts of data. I think research shows 1-2gb per person however to your point, These are share plans so Id assume if you have 3+ people, you’ll use more. I hate share plans as you cant control how much data someone else uses.. One little mistake and the other sharers get screwed for the rest of the month

  • shooter50

    This is exactly why Tmo needs to keep on the path they are. Forcing everyone else to catch up. But don’t worry, Once enough people fall for Verizon’s new deal and renew their contracts, they will find a new way to screw you. For me, Verizons coverage didnt justify their ridiculous prices. In Florida Tmo is excellent and I save 50.00 per month. Now if I can only find a way to get rid of the other bloodsucker, ATT Uverse

    • HeatFan786

      Not all of Florida. I left T-Mobile because of their incompetence with my prepaid account. AT&T is the best in South Florida service wise. If the Department of Justice allows the T-Mobile and Sprint M&A to occur, that’s disastrous for the market because Sprint doesn’t know how to price stuff. Don’t forget their crappy service too.

      • Dakota

        I switched to an ATT LTE SIM with Straight Talk… For only $45 (no added fees either) I get 2.5gb with unlimited text and calls. A direct AT&T Plan would cost me more than double when all is said & done.

        • HeatFan786

          Not really. It would cost you an additional 33% or $15 more for the AT&T Prepaid $60 plan. I know Straight Talk has some speed limits at times through throttling too, but nothing rooting cannot solve.

  • Nick Mantzoros

    This would help a lot for me. Been waiting to upgrade. Good thing I ran into a store where the rep was shady as hell and walked out.


    calling them up tomorrow. going to see how much i can squeeze out of them.

  • Dakota

    The 1/2gb plans are $5 less than ATT so thats a deal. Tmobile needs to realize every change theyve made can be copied.. People choose Verizon for the network coverage. I’m sure in a few years, subsidies will be gone. But its another reason the government should block any attempts by Sprint to buy Tmobile. Competition works & consumers deserve more choice. Still wish we didn’t have CDMA & GSM & people could buy devices and choose where they wanted to go and carriers would have to earn and keep your business

    • HeatFan786

      If they allow the Comcast + Time Warner Cable Merger and Acquisition to go through, no telling what the regulatory agencies will draw a line. T-Mobile and Sprint going together = crappy.

  • Averix

    Here’s a question… If you’re currently on a share everything plan with two phones, and you take advantage of this “open enrollment” EDGE deal, would it be possible to get in with a $11 per line phone (Galaxy S3 Mini) in order to save the $20 line access fee? In theory, you’d still save almost $20 a month if you had 10GB of data.
    So currently would be:
    ($40 x 2) + $100 = $180 for line access + data vs
    ($20 x 2) + $100 + ($10.56 x 2) = $161.12 for line access + data + EDGE fee
    Basically, forgive your subsidised phone balance, extend your contract 2 years, get 2 sellable phones, and save $18.88 a month. Or is the $20 access fee not per line, but rather $20 off the account’s line access?
    Am I going insane or isn’t that what open enrollment means??? My god, is it possible to beat Verizon at their own game? I’ve posted this on a few sites, but no one seems to have a clear answer yet.

    • jlazear

      It looks to me like you are correct. To get that though, you have to be on a minimum of 10GB plan (as you mentioned). My guess is that they are betting that more people are going to want the higher end phones such as the S4 (which is ~$25/mo on edge) which ends up around $125 over 2 years instead of the $99 that they are selling outright for now ($5 x 24). Also, when you subsequently upgrade using Edge, you don’t have a sellable phone. You have to return the phone you bought on Edge to get a new one.

      Also, if you do go with the S3 mini (which is free off Edge) it gets you on Edge and they are hoping you will upgrade early to something bigger and they get a device back.

      • Averix

        Wow. I just spent 15 minutes chatting with a rep on this. My theory is correct. For the cost of a 2 year contract, I can save $18.88 a month if I go with those S3 minis plus get to keep my current subsidized phones! If I went with something a bit newer for one line, I’d come out even.

  • Go Hawkeyes

    Verizon is going to have to rip unlimited out of my cold dead hands.

    • lookatmyfunnyusername

      Well for the right price I’m sure they wouldn’t mind.

  • Steven Skwarkowski

    AKA: Verizon More v1.1 BETA

    Verizon is still trying there best to be unique and NOT copy TMo. But sadly, there ideas appear boring and not very intriguing. Unlimited texting worldwide. Im sure tha majority of us will never use that.

    Try again Verizon, you’re still embarrassing yourself with these kinds of offers.

  • jackdubl

    These plans always sound great till they mention the price. I notice there are no prices mentioned here. So, yeah.

  • guitarist5122

    Haven’t noticed a change to my account yet. Will probably call late next week if I don’t notice a bump in available data by then.