If this is what HTC’s return to mid-range looks like, we’re all for it [RUMOR]


We can’t lie — when we heard HTC experienced another troubling quarter and that they were going back to focusing on the mid-range market, we were a little skeptical. It’s not that mid-range devices are automatically bad, but we didn’t know if HTC would just start spitting out uninspired devices for the sake of becoming profitable again.

But the latest leak gives us reason to be excited. Engadget has received press renders of a supposed HTC Desire 8, and while that particular line hasn’t produced many handsets worth getting excited for in recent years, this particular one should take the cake.

According to them, it features a 5.5-inch display of unknown resolution, a 13 megapixel rear camera (not of the UltraPixel variety), a 5 megapixel front camera, stereo front-facing speakers, and dual-SIM telephony. HTC will reportedly introduce this thing in a number of colors, including white, red, cyan, yellow and orange. The apparent lack of metal helps drive the mid-range stake home.

Unfortunately we don’t know much more than that, but there will apparently be a March 18th launch event for the device going down in Beijing. It’s possible we’ll also be seeing the device launched at Mobile World Congress, where we hope HTC will also look to unveil the true successor to the HTC One (known as the HTC M8).

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  • DDroid45

    200-300 no contract, I say I’ll prolly fork over a few dollars for this bad boy, and then probably give to my pops because I only roll with high-end devices

    • JonnyPo

      Silly monkey.

      • DDroid45

        In what way, you have to explain that comment

  • CGS

    Damn it’s crazy to see what’s become mid-range since I joined the Android club hahaha

  • http://google.com/+derekross Derek Ross

    According to the leaked render it doesn’t come with KitKat. That’s disappointing.

  • worldclassflame

    Yeah that’s all fine and dandy just don’t forget to release the m8 lol

  • Timbo1

    Mid range? 720p resolution screen maybe, although I’m sure that supposed 5mp front facing camera will drop down to 2mp by release time.

  • domatau

    where are the onscreen navigation keys?

  • toomuchgame441

    Well if it will help them get back on top, I’m all for it… but it better release with Kik-kat

  • Jay

    WTF is it with HTC and bezels. They must be holding the exclusive patent on it.

  • h4rr4r

    Where are the buttons?

    • malcmilli

      its possibly in full screen mode.

  • steveb944

    That looks real nice.

  • drzfr3shboialex

    Ladies and gentlemen this is what an HTC, Apple crossover would look like.

  • Toan Ngo

    5.5 inch screen and all that bezel? This thing must be huge. Also, when is a 5.5 inch mid-range?

    • Fel Pe

      Galaxy Mega is 6.3″ and yet considered mid range…

    • xanok

      The term mid-range usually refers to cost, not the actual size of the phone. We’ll probably see pretty mediocre resolution on it and last year’s hardware.

  • J Cav the Great

    if its 720p resolution… then stick to a <5 inch screen please…

  • Fel Pe

    Weird… I thought they had abandoned the high-range segment not the mid-range…. go figure!

  • WhoaManWtF

    because of the Bezels on that thing I could fit my 5.2 inch screen G2 inside of the glass part of that phone hah

  • domahman

    if only those black bezel were screen, I’d buy it even it it’s mid-range.

  • Alec

    Capacitive buttons? On-screen buttons? BS? Probably.

  • guitarist5122

    why not, right? if apple can stick with the same design and be successful, htc can do it too with this sexy design

  • mrjoeyloke

    What size battery we looking at? That’s what stops me from ever getting an HTC nowadays!

    • xanok

      One battery is fine. Not out of this world, but I still get through a day without needing a charge.

  • REVS

    nice looking phone

  • Ryan5609

    If HTC did’t put Sense on every single device they manufacture, I would then consider buying an HTC device. I understand why they have to make their phones “unique” inorder to separate themselves from the competition, but I just do not like Sense. Moto got rid of their horrible UX, and ever since then Moto phones have, for the most part, been crowd pleasers. I’m not saying Sense is nearly as bad as the old “moto blur” skin, it is just not for me.

    • Fel Pe

      Google edition?

      • Ryan5609

        Exactly, but not on Verizon. But if it had been available for VZW I may have considered it.

  • No_Nickname90

    These rumors, for all the phones, are getting me anxious. Unless I see some “official”, I’m not going to believe these anymore. They are seriously teasing me. I can’t handle it all. LoL!!

  • http://www.impulsivestudios.com/ Justin Myers

    Why does the status bar have 3G then bars, then E, then more bars? Something screams “FAKE!”

    • Aztec713

      Dual sim is in the description bro.

      • Aztec713

        But yeah it can still be fake.