What is Motorola announcing at their February 25th Mobile World Congress event?

Word on the street is that Motorola will be coming to Barcelona to put on an event. What for? We can’t say. We have no clue what Motorola could be working on at this point. The company hasn’t had any handsets rumored to be in the works since the Moto G, and that device is already making the rounds on various carriers.

It’s quite exciting, really, to know that it could be almost anything, and for a change we finally don’t have a clue what it is. CEO Dennis Woodside has hinted at Motorola working to bring us a tablet on multiple occasions.


We have no clue if they’ve gotten anywhere with that, but that’s just one of many possibilities. Woodside originally suggested that any tablet they introduce could be customized through  Moto Maker like the Moto X, so that would certainly be an exciting announcement.

Beyond that, we’re left making empty guesses. Perhaps Motorola isn’t looking to bring us a device at all. According to invitations received, Dennis Woodside is expected to attend the event with an “update on the business.”

Updates are definitely necessary, as the future of Motorola is unclear now that they’re owned by Lenovo. The Chinese company bought Motorola from Google for $2.91 billion, though Google likely held onto the core team behind Project Ara as well as all of the mobile patents Motorola owned.

The main question will be whether or not Motorola will continue making products under their own brand. Lenovo likely bought Motorola to gain a stronger mobile presence in North America and Europe, but they could carry on using Moto’s already-strong name.

Lenovo is no stranger to these types of issues with the company adopting IBM’s ThinkPad business back in 2005. Lenovo went on to become one of the biggest players in personal computing across the globe. This particular situation is a bit different as Lenovo has taken up an entire company, and will be tasked with restoring them to profitability in one of the fiercest and most competitive businesses in the tech world.

Whatever happens, though, you can bet we’ll be all ears come February 25th when this event is scheduled to go down. Motorola says they’ll be offering up more details about what this event will bring us in the weeks to come, so stay tuned!

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  • krYshuT

    That’s obvious, they’re going to announce Moto X availability in Europe (maybe even Moto Maker). It’s too early for Moto X2 and I don’t think they will be introducing a tablet, but why not.

    • Sharky

      We already got the Moto X in Europe. Maybe the Moto Maker but that’s not really worthy of an announcement invite.

      • Jerel Butler

        Sure they did that here in the u.s

        • Sharky

          That was the actual product announcement though, it’d take like 2 minutes to mention that Moto Maker is expanding to Europe. Not saying it isn’t a possibility – maybe they’re adding some new options too.

      • Tomáš Petrík

        Oh, you mean in three countries in Europe.

    • Joshua Hill

      Or maybe the rest of the world. I’m pretty sure Asian nations haven’t received the Moto X yet.

  • schitzengigles

    I remember way back when the X was just surfacing that an X tablet was supposed to be in the works too, moto maker and all. Maybe they’re announcing that? A customizable tablet?

  • sunday39

    pretty cool if it was a tablet running stockor near stock android, with a moto maker customization, wi-fi+LTE, 10inch-12inch priced around $250-$300 off contract….I could dream cant I

    • grazapin

      That’s not a dream, it’s a delusion. The LTE Nexus 7 is $350. There’s no way you’re getting a 10-12″ LTE tablet for less than that. Not a decent one at least. You may be able to find some no name Chinese tablet for less, but it will suck in a variety of ways.

  • Brandon Golway

    Moto Nexus?

  • chris_johns

    I would love a moto x tablet…a nice thin solid moto built tablet…and i want thin like ipad mini thin…as much as i hate apple the difference between the ipad mini and my og n7 is huge and it pisses me off…stock android with top specs at nexus 7ish prices with moto maker id buy one in a heart beat

  • AbbyZFresh

    I guess they’re announcing one last goodbye device before their new masters destroy their future devices forever.

  • Brian

    Moto Maxx for all carriers

  • Barry D.

    This can only mean one thing. They are going to announce…. wait for it….

    Half-Life 3 is confirmed!

  • Mungus

    Large pork fried rice, a beating with a rattan cane, and 3 years hard labor, per purchase of the 2015 lineup?

  • JointhePredacons

    Announcing that theyre throwing in the towel with smartphones and going back to making flip phones, something theyre good at.

  • moises1204

    Moto XG junior!

  • Sam Omar

    ThinkPod anyone?