HTC forced to modify handsets after Nokia picks up another patent win in Germany

Nokia vs HTC

HTC is walking away from a German courtroom bruised and broken after the Taiwanese manufacturer was found guilty of infringing yet another Nokia patent. Because of the ruling, HTC will be forced to modify existing handsets if they hope to continue selling them in Germany.

The patent in question was EP1579613, a non standard essential patent dealing with a smartphone’s backward compatibility with older networks, a technology HTC calls “redundant.”¬†HTC said they’re already investigating modifications to the handsets in question, and that it would only provide a “minimal disruption” while the smartphone maker works on an appeal.

Nokia, on the other hand is very pleased with the ruling and marks the company’s 4th patent win against HTC in Germany against, the most recent over HTC’s use of Android Beam in their devices.

[Focus Taiwan]

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  • moises1204

    way to keep relevant Nokia! you still suck..

    • Michael Clanton

      pretty dumb response, it was non essential… google and moto sue over SEP’s, do they suck? if you show bias based on your fanboy ways i understand, but atleast attempt to sound somewhat intelligent.. Its business.

      • BloodKil

        You seem like the real fanboy, swooping in to save Nokia for the evil posters…

        On a more relevant topic, nokia used to make some great phones. Now they seem to be all washed up with a failed line of (ugly) WM phones and with what looks to be a low tier (and again ugly as hell with huge bezels) android lineup for their launch phones on this side. I suppose this leaves them in a spot where they need to patent troll to even stay relevant, lest they be forgotten all together.

        I personally won’t be purchasing any of their phones anytime soon, and will likely forget them completely in between the leaks of their hilariously low end android offerings.

        • Micah Dawson

          Funny you say that Nokia makes ugly phones when Android fans are always begging and wishing Nokia’s high end lumias would come to the android side lol.

          I can’t even with these BS ;p

          • Ben Breeze

            I used to be one of those who a year or so ago wished that Nokia would make an Android phone. Not any more. I remembered the old Nokia. Today Nokia’s only use to Android is as a worthless pain in the …..

      • moises1204

        i am glad you sound very smart! but Nokia still suuuuuck, now eat your hart out.

  • Ray

    Wait. Nokia still makes phones ?

    • Michael Clanton

      Wait, you passed the 1st grade? what a stupid response for a business related thing.

      • Ray

        Yes I passed 1st grade. Just happened to get my second Masters degree. May be you should go back to school and learn what tongue in cheek is. Or may be you should just get a life.