Motorola’s Project Ara is moving to Google HQ as part of their Android team


The Lenovorola deal went live a few moments ago, and while waiting for the dust to clear, we know there’s still a lot of questions left unanswered. If we could get you to stop staring out your window wondering for a quick moment, we want to help you check at least one of those questions off your list by letting you know that Motorola’s most interesting project — aka Project Ara — will remain in-house at Google under their Android branch.

Motorola will be handing over the reigns of their Advanced Technology and Projects group to Google, where the 100-man team will continue to be lead by Regina Dugan. Only difference is now they’ll be moving their offices to Mountain View, were Dugan will be reporting to Sundar Pichai, although she’s said to maintain a more independent role working alongside the Android team.

Once again, Google will be holding onto the Advanced Technology Group’s patents, and with Google’s resources, Project Ara development should kick into overdrive. We remain cautiously optimistic.

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  • Eddie

    I think this was the thing I was most worried about. It’s good to know it’s staying in Google’s hands.

  • Cesar Ortiz

    This are great news! woohoo!

  • vincentallen2

    What if… this will turn into the nexus-like device project? Picture it, a device like a moto x, that would allow you to customize every detail about the device. However, not just aesthetically, but internally as well. all running on pure android

    • vincentallen2

      *next nexus-like device project

    • No_Nickname90

      So you’re saying like how Dell makes computers? How you decide how it’s built from the inside-out?

      • vincentallen2

        exactly :-)

  • Matthew Rhodes

    I read on the internet a couple of days ago, Google would be killing off the Nexus Line (Rumors). Ara moving home? Could this be “nexus” from Google?

  • matt

    It’s reminiscent of the handspring visor.

  • http://whyGoogle Hash

    Better if it kept Motorola. Sold out to China, that is so weak. Motorola and Google was getting ready to boom. Google made it fail

    • Alu Zeros

      Not sure why they did this either. They should have incorporated moto into the nexus along with ara. If they kill off the nexus line, to stick with google play edition then who’s going to push hardware companies to come out with good solid affordable phones with actual good experience. Don’t make sense to me. That’s what nexus and moto was starting to do. Google should have made the Moto line as the nexus line. Bad mistake in my opinion

      • Crimsonshadow774

        All they really wanted was Moto’s patents. Google isn’t a phone company, nor do they want to be like Apple. Seems to me like Google likes “fair” competition from multiple OEM’s.

  • MK2

    Very good news in an otherwise confusing move by Google.

  • Mikel alcala

    This is interesting I saw this company try to make a phone of little removable pieces that you are able to customise the way you want your phone from louder speaker or a better camera or more space or a faster ram, kind of like a Lego but your able to change the look and enhance your own phones features