Sprint 4G LTE launches in 40 new cities


It’s no secret that Sprint is playing catchup in the LTE game up against Verizon and AT&T, but the carrier is making up good ground lately. Their latest LTE rollout adds a whopping 40 new cities, some of which have been up and running for weeks for testing and trials. Here’s the full list in case you’re curious:

  • Anderson, S.C.
  • Camden, N.J.
  • Cape Girardeau-Jackson, Mo.-Ill.
  • Carson City, Nev.
  • Colorado Springs, Colo.
  • Concord, N.H.
  • Eugene-Springfield, Ore.
  • Evansville, Ind.-Ky.
  • Fayetteville-Springdale-Rogers, Ark.
  • Georgetown, S.C.
  • Glasgow, Ky.
  • Greenville, Ohio
  • Hilton Head Island-Beaufort, S.C.
  • Hudson, N.Y.
  • Idaho Falls, Idaho
  • Jackson, Miss.
  • Laconia, N.H.
  • Marion, Ohio
  • McAllen-Edinburg-Mission, Texas
  • Midland, Mich.
  • Milwaukee-Waukesha-West Allis, Wis. Mobile, Ala.
  • Monroe, La.
  • New Castle, Pa.
  • New Philadelphia-Dover, Ohio
  • Olean, N.Y.
  • Olympia, Wash.
  • Owensboro, Ky.
  • Owosso, Mich.
  • Paducah, Ky.-Ill.
  • Parkersburg-Marietta-Vienna, W.V.-Ohio
  • Point Pleasant, W.V.-Ohio
  • Providence, R.I.
  • Reno-Sparks, Nev.
  • Rockingham County-Strafford County, N.H.
  • Salt Lake City
  • Spartanburg, S.C.
  • Springfield, Ohio
  • Tacoma, Wash.
  • Yuma, Ariz.

There are some pretty big and important markets on that list, so if you happen to live in an area you believe should have already had 4G LTE, you might want to go over it once or twice. It’s in alphabetical order by name of city, so it shouldn’t take you long to find (or not find) whatever you’re looking for. Let us know how the network is performing for you in the comments below!

[via Sprint]

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  • O’s Fan91

    They definitely just added it in my area even though its not on any of their official lists.

  • Loydster

    If its like the sprint LTE in dallas fort worth its almost as good as wimax.

  • Eric

    You’re missing a carriage return in this line:

    Milwaukee-Waukesha-West Allis, Wis. Mobile, Ala.

  • JaswinderSinghJammu

    Not even a single California city on the list

    • Canon User

      Like, OMG! California is TOTALLY the most important place in the world!

      • JaswinderSinghJammu

        Of course it is. It’s the most populous state in the union. Who wouldn’t want a piece of this pie. It’s approaching 40 million people.

        • Canon User

          I suppose you’ve failed to notice that Sprint does have some cities covered in LTE there, some even ‘Spark’ already. Just no new ones on this list?

          • JaswinderSinghJammu

            I am not arguing the point that there weren’t any California LTE cities on Sprint LTE. You are the one who is changing the point. Either way Sprint sucks huevos.

          • Canon User

            Oh ok I get it. No carrier should ever do any work on their network without ALSO doing work in California. Makes sense now.

          • J Cav the Great

            atta boy!! good job!!! u get it now!!!

          • mhmmd123

            I been with Sprint for 11 years, and I get in my area ( southeastern MI) on the speed test over 25 Mbps downloads and around 10 Mbps upload. I can`t complain.

      • J Cav the Great

        hell yeah its the most important place fool!!! we got Women, Weed, and Weather bruh….check yourself…

        • blest


        • Skitshin

          and wetbacks

        • Crimsonshadow774

          As does just about every other state.

          • J Cav the Great

            Its quality bro, not quantity…..

          • Crimsonshadow774

            Yeah and Cali isn’t the best. Second to Ohio.

        • Crimsonshadow774

          And if you’re going to use weed as leverage, wouldn’t Colorado of Washington be a more enticing offer?

          • J Cav the Great

            No, Because our Weed is better, and everybody knows it!!!!! :P

          • Crimsonshadow774

            Better than Colorado or Washington? Maybe. But at least its recreational there.

      • malcmilli

        yes, important places go in order of population. So i would consider California pretty “important” in this sense.

    • J Cav the Great

      that’s what I was thinking….


      Sprint isn’t organic enough for Cali.

    • Raishi Kytori

      I had LTE when I was visiting San Jose last weekend.

    • racqueteer

      I count 51 California cities covered, including LA, SF, SD, OAK and Sacramento. http://shop2.sprint.com/en/shop/why_sprint/4g/4g_lte_coverage_list.html?INTNAV=NET:MS:051313:4GLTE

      • JaswinderSinghJammu

        Sacramento is not on the list but i was talking about the most recent cities list not overall. Someone said San Jose had coverage but it’s not good at all. My coworker is always asking if she could tether to my T Mobile.

        • racqueteer

          Correction noted! Sacramento is surrounded by LTE but doesn’t have it yet. I’m hoping they’re in the next round of LTE cities.

          • Jamison Shaw

            Probably will have a cluster launch.

  • aram9445

    Got tired of waiting switched to T-Mobile

    • Scotsman of Loch Ness

      I did the same thing… And dropped my bill by 60 bucks after tax

    • OJ

      When you think about it. Only Sprint and T-mobile customers flip-flop so much. Meanwhile, Verizon has such a commanding lead on the competition that it handpicks the best spectrum and sells off leftovers at a profit.

  • Scott Tompkins

    Dear Sprint,

    Please standardize on your state abbreviation convention.

    Your 4th Grade Teacher

  • David Narada Brown

    anderson sc spartanburg sc ok sprint

  • EasyEEE

    Mobile AL has had it for a good 4+ months and it’s still not “official” … did get a text yesterday stating,

    ” SprintFreeMsg: Over the next month, the new network will be largely completed in your area. See new phone offer at http://sprint.us/upgrade2 Reply S to stop.”

    I like the appearance that even though it’s been buzzing here for a few months but no official announcement because I am hoping they are still tweaking it and Stuttgart.

    • EasyEEE

      lol never mind Mobile AL is official.

  • JaswinderSinghJammu

    Let me see which carrier is losing both money and customers..Wait for it..Wait for it..Sprint. Yay

    • EasyEEE

      Which is sad. More options means competitive pricing. As it is, he who controls the data controls the world. Phone and cable companies have our balls.in vice grips. People may be saving money for the moment by cutting the chord of cable TV and opt for streaming … but, given that cell companies like AT&T and Verizon no longer offer unlimited.. Comcast / Xfinity rolling out their 300gb limit, it’s only a matter of technology before they all limit the dat and or up the prices significantly for your data.

      I have been with Sprint for 12 years simply because they have been the cheapest and service has been great where I have lived.

      I don’t need to stream video on the go, so to have unlimited (although potentially throttled) LTE is a bonus.

      Speed tests around my area have been very good. Sad part is, service is almost non-existent at the only Sprint owned store in Mobile, AL… and it’s a very busy area, too.

      shrug to each their own.

      • SouthernBella98

        What areas? When I visited home recently speeds still sucked!

  • Carl Rood

    Just a minor nitpick, but why are they using antiquated state abbreviations that the post office abandoned decades ago for the two letter, no punctuation abbreviations?

    • Canon User

      Because people are too stupid to understand that AK isn’t Arkansas…

  • np6s4x

    still no official launch for the eastern Minnesota market (including west WI)? area has it anyways launch or not, probably won’t see it till spring with everything be very much frozen over

  • Rob

    Couldn’t wait for NJ LTE. Switched to AT&T sim on Straight Talk. Not looking back. Good job Sprint adding Camden to the list. Top crime city in NJ.

  • Crimsonshadow774

    Still no Akron or Canton Oh? Sprint really is unintelligent. Those two cities were definitely in all the other companies top 5 for Ohio list.

    Glad I switched three years ago. Now if only T-Mobile would get better coverage so I can do the same to VZW…

    • David Simmers

      Louisville/Canton area North of RT62/Columbus rd has had 4G LTE for months now, and I just noticed as of this weekend that I have 4G LTE In Plain Township Ohio. Actually I have 4g from Cleveland ave @ 44th st. to 30th st ( most likely even further than that ) and on RT62 and In Louisville Ohio and East Canton Ohio. And Wednesday I had 4G in Massillon Ohio. So I am guessing that it will be in Massillon soon, as they must be testing it. It’s taking a while for Sprint to catch up for certain. But, now that they changed their plans last month I won’t be upgraiding my phone thru Sprint, else I lose my unlimited data or have to pay $20 more per month for it.

  • Terence Smith

    30Mbps down in Carbondale IL. Southern Illinois still isn’t an officially launched area yet

    • Jamison Shaw

      LTE doesn’t have to be launched for it to be available. When they launch it however, that means you can open tickets and they actually have to do something about it.

  • Raishi Kytori

    Providence, RI has actually been up for a few months now, or at least some of it has. I’ve been getting up to 20ishMb/s where I live a bit south of the city. No complaints about that, I’m happy enough with that improvement to have change my mind about dropping Spring when my contract ends in a couple months; I’ll stick with them a bit more and see how much more they can improve.

    • Jamison Shaw

      Just wait until band 41 and band 26 show up. If your phone can handle those, it’s going to be something out of this world

  • Carly

    Got 4G in Eugene!

    • nestazhe265

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