In case you missed it: Chrome Beta for Android now supports color emoji

Chrome Beta Android emoji support

So it might not have been on everyone’s top priority list for new Chrome features, but I’m definitely glad to see the Google boys on top of it. In an update that hit late last week, Chrome Beta for Android now officially supports emojis. You know, those cute little smiley faces based on Japanese characters that the kids are into these days? Yeah, those.

Bye bye, blank boxes

I know, this doesn’t sound like a very big deal and even though you may not use them, the fact that you wont have to look at blank boxes whenever viewing emoji on web page should come as plus. Believe it or not, not even the Chrome desktop browser supports emoji viewing (although there are extensions to help with this).

If you’re viewing this post on your newly updated Chrome Beta app, check out the Wiki page for a list of all the now viewable emojis. For those that haven’t tried it yet, Chrome Beta for Android can be found via the link below.

Download on Google Play: Chrome Beta


[via ChromeSpot | Image credit: Francois Beaufort]

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  • Chris H

    If only I could use an emoji here to express how much I hate emoji’s!!!

  • No_Nickname90

    The latest stable version of Chrome has a bug that I greatly despise. Has anyone else been having trouble scrolling a list box? Like if you’re choosing your state and you click this box to scroll through, it doesn’t scroll.

    Has this been fixed in Chrome Beta? Because the stable version doesn’t have this fixed. =.[

  • Russ

    I’d be more impressed if they finally got this sorted for the desktop Chrome

  • Fresh2infinity

    I would love to use Chrome on mobile but it just doesn’t perform well. AOSP browser is much more robust in terms of performance, zooming in and out and scrolling. Waaaaaay too much lag when pinch to zoom in chrome..really a bummer since google is seems to pump out new features yet fail to address the performance side of the app.