Google Glass Titanium Collection arrives for those needing prescription lenses

While a few different optometrists have attempted to create custom prescription lens solutions for Google Glass already, most folks are waiting to see what Google will be doing in the way of official offerings. They’ve finally revealed those details, and they’re calling it the Google Glass Titanium Collection.

What you’ll be getting is a slim, yet diverse collection of stylized frames that are ready for prescription lenses. Whether you’re going for that book smart trendy look or something that’ll compliment a nice wide pair of eyes, there should be something here that catches your eye. And if you’re more of the sporty type, Google has also released a few new pair of clip-on shade styles for existing Glass units.

The new frames are made from lightweight titanium, so you can wear these things on your face all day without feeling like the world is coming down on your nose and ears. Google says the frames might be covered under some vision care plans, so you might even have options for having your healthcare provider covering some of the costs of buying them.

As for those costs, we’re not quite sure what they are just yet. Google is looking to make those details available to Explorer users later this afternoon. In the meantime, you’ll be able to check out more pics of the Titanium frames in the gallery above, as well as inside the cool promo video you see embedded. Color us excited.

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  • Anthony Puleo

    I’ve been waiting to buy new shades for my Glass.
    Where can I try before I buy?

    • Richard Braley

      Google HQ or buy, try and return if unsatisfied. I opted for the second option. Picked up the thin frames first and ended up liking them.

  • David Gray

    It is just me or is the girl model for the “Classic”/”Curve” absolutely BEAUTIFUL!?!?!?! No…it’s not just me I checked again and she is super hot OH MY GOD!!!

    • steveb944

      She’s modeled Glass before, and I concur.

      • David Gray

        Great minds….

  • David Gray

    Ok seriously Quentyn I need you to use your industry hookups and find out this chicks name! I know I’ve seen her before but I gotta know if’s she’s a model or just a super HOT Google intern or maybe my babby momma I don’t know yet things are just moving SO FAST!!! LOL HAHAHAHAHA

    • xriderx66


    • CoreyShaughnessy

      Oh, you’re one of those people that like to make women uncomfortable on the internet.

      • David Gray

        WRONG….I make women feel JUST AS uncomfortable in person!

  • Steve Albright

    Per Google Glass “Never fear, the current Glass Explorer Edition is already compatible with these frames.”

  • steveb944

    Hmm so we will need a special lens in order to use glass. So much for being able to use my Oakley’s with it.

  • hemipw54

    Will they be $49.95, if so I’m in.
    Seriously, not going to go anywhere.

  • Mark Wheeler

    Ehhh if I ever got a pair of these Id want the frame to super slim like my prescription pair. These are all huge in my opinion. Maybe in a few more generations they can make smaller frames. A lot of those styles look like huge hipster glasses lol

  • hemipw54

    Look Goolroids.

  • cee

    They should have named it HaemorRhoid, an ungainly hanging lump.

    I wonder when the first sexual offence will be recorded and upload to YouTube?

    The idea for the app, ‘Sex with Google Glass’ comes from a sci-fi film where someone was raped and forced to watch as it happened from the rapist POV.

    Unfortunately people do some horrific things, and this has already happened with camera phones. Google Glass will be named as the reason for a sexual assault within a month of general release.