Another tip that the HTC M8 (One 2) will come with display buttons instead of capacitive ones [RUMOR]

HTC M8 One 2 concept

A concept HTC M8 doing away with the black bezels of the original. Pretty, isn’t it?

February is just around the corner, and we couldn’t be more excited. If HTC sticks to their original announcement timing for last year’s flagship, that means an HTC One sequel could be revealed in just a few short weeks. As we near a hotly anticipated device’s release, it’s typical that leaks and rumors begin seeping out of the woodwork, with the upcoming HTC M8 (One 2) being no different.

Remember when we told you guys about Mike1986’s discovery (he’s a XDA developer who regularly obtains leaked software builds) that the HTC M8 could come with software keys? Well, this big-little detail is now being corroborated by none other than @evleaks. In a tweet, @evleaks makes the claim that the “M8 will be the first HTC device with on-screen buttons.” Boom.

We have no other to believe otherwise. With the M8’s design mirroring closely that of last year’s HTC One, we expect a good portion of the bezels to be utilized for the front facing speakers. If HTC can do away with those capacitive buttons found on the HTC One (a major issue for some), they could easily increase screen size while minimizing bezels, killing 2 birds with 1 stone. Let’s just hope these reported on-screen buttons will have more than a back and home button this time around.

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  • Ryan O’Neill

    Watch them still replace the home button with a big “HTC” logo.

    • Nathan Bryant

      Ha-ha. I have to admit that’s funny.

    • SparklingCyanide

      Oh they wouldn’t dare…. lol

    • Jerel Butler

      They could

    • Proud Borracho Latino

      Lol. A Virtual HTC logo and still does nothing..

    • disqus_hVj9NwwMcK

      Umm I have a home button…

  • Nick

    Me personally, I’m a fan of capacitive buttons. When I had the Gnex, sometimes the soft buttons wouldn’t respond and it would take a couple times. I know that its an older device but I don’t know, I still dig the capacitive buttons. If they make the M8 at least 5.2 inches with soft keys, I’d probably be ok with that. Either way this phone is gonna be sweet!

    • frhow

      I know what your problem was, you had a Gnex. I absolutely hated that phone. The battery life, radio, the freezing among other things. But this will probably be my next phone if it resembles the render.

      • Mr. Smith

        My GN when I had it worked flawless maybe you had too many crappy apps installed slowing down your phone

        • frhow

          No I’m very cautious about the apps I installed. I was on Verizon and the updates stopped and there are tons of claims against the GNex and the freezing and battery issues. Just do a Google search.

          • Mr. Smith

            I had the sprint version

    • malcmilli

      I have a nexus 4, and i have no issues with soft button response. Not that i hate capacitive buttons or anything, but i dont miss them either. After i adjusted to onscreen buttons after about a day, i never thought about it ever again.

  • Satwik Kamatmehbro

    God that render looks amazing *Drooool* :O

  • namesib

    Trash. The last thing I want is my fingers constantly touching a grid of small holes. I can’t even imagine how dirty they will get eventually.

    inb4 wash your hands (what is dead skin and sweat again?)

    • malcmilli

      or you could just hold the side of the phone like a normal person

      • namesib

        IKR! Who ever uses their device in landscape?


        • malcmilli

          i use it in landscape all the time… and still hold the device by its sides. Or what you could consider the top n bottom at that point. I also hold it with one so it would actually be more uncomfortable to hold it by the speaker grille.

          • namesib

            When I’m playing a game that requires my fingers to be at the side of the screen (usually for joysticks), I frequently rub against the bezel due to overshooting.

    • SparklingCyanide

      my Launch htc One doesn’t have that issue at all, maybe you should consider better sanitary procedures before using your devices or you know…. before you venture out into Public.

      • namesib

        I wish I had hands without sweat pores or dying skin like you.

    • Joshua McDonald

      Its never been a problem for me, my wife, or any of the few other people i know that own them. I think you’re making up an argument that doesn’t really exist.

      • namesib

        Then you don’t play the games that I do.

        • Dizzy Malone

          I would prefer speakers on the front, my S3 sound is garbage. I don’t always like to wear earphones.

          • disqus_hVj9NwwMcK


  • Nathan Bryant

    Hopefully this means HTC finally stop putting massive bezels on their phones. They should have stopped that a long time ago. They must think it’s a good look.

  • Ben Edwards

    If they do away with the ugly capacitive keys and have proper on-screen buttons I would definitely consider picking up the M8.

  • SparklingCyanide

    Makes sense considering that’s one of the easier ways to reduce bezel but yet still keep the dual Boomsound Speakers.

  • Rob Schoenfeld

    I’ve said it once I’ll say it again. LG should acquire HTC best parts and best design would be a winning combo.

  • http://Phandroid Rampage1979

    This will be my next phone hope it looks exactly like the pic above.

  • Dt Bell

    HTC needs to stick with Google play models

  • moises1204

    well Sony you the only one left with big bezel.

  • domatau

    and if history repeats itself, HTC’s Peter Chou will reveal the M8 at their chinese new year party, which should be sometime this week.

  • DDroid45

    hey HTC please let me sell back my original HTC ONE for about $450 flat, ill kick in the rest to buy this baby out right, heck ill even buy a 64gb model and 3 accessories to show my support. COME ON HTC hook me up

  • Pal

    I switched to a Nexus 5 because the capacitive button layout wasn’t to my liking. Everything else I loved, though I suppose the camera could have used a bit more love.

  • Jay

    It’s a sleek looking device but I still prefer the physical home button of the Galaxy series. If HTC is still fooling around with the gimmicky ultra pixels, this is a non seller for me.

    • toomuchgame441

      You sound like a tool.

  • Tony Chiang

    ugh…I prefer capacitive buttons over a black seaweed that takes up screen estate. I tried nexus phones and recently z1 and the black ribbon still annoys the hell outta me.

    do away with the on screen buttons and free up screen estate!

    • Del373

      If you don’t consider the navigation bar as part of the screen then it might not annoy you as much. They actually help to give you more screen space on a smaller phone because they hide when you view fullscreen apps. If you have a 5″ screen with software buttons, then you have 5 inches to work with when you’re in full screen, if you have a 4.7″ screen with capacitive buttons, then you still only have 4.7 inches in full screen. I know it doesn’t seem like much but it actually makes a significant different for many of us. Also if you wanted a 5″ screen on your phone with capacitive buttons then the bezel (and the entire device) would have to be bigger. Just something to consider.

      Last thing, have you tried a KitKat device? The black part of the bar has been replaced by a more subtle shadow-like gradient…it might not bug you as much.

      • Tony Chiang

        Yup I tried. It still really bug me. I do not mind on-screen buttons on tablets 7″ and up for smartphones, lets just stay with capacitive buttons. We get to have full 4.3″ , 4.7″ , 5″ , 6″ screen to work with 100% of the time and not some of the time.

        Bezel wise, I really do not mind top/down having a little bigger bezel so long as the bezels on both of phones are thinner.

        Basically capacitive buttons means you 100% screen estate 100% of the time. Also I wont accidentally press home or back when scrolling through fb or webpages

        All said, I will still get the M8 as I always dig HTC’s aesthetics, just that I have to live with on-screen buttons. ffffffffff

  • Bizzle9

    If they also put the power button on the side, I might not have anything to complain about.

    • toomuchgame441

      very true

  • vincentallen2

    great! can’t wait for the Google Play Edition! #serious :-)

    • toomuchgame441

      Best hardware with stock Android…? Yea that will be a winner… will put the Nexus 5 to shame.

  • CryptoNoel

    nice. i really like the capacitives on my Nexus. good to know that this feature is going onto new terrain.

  • Dizzy Malone

    I just might try the m8, my S3 is not all that. I had a HTC before then went with the s3 because of all the hubbub I heard about it. I have not yet seen what the big deal was with Samsung phones. Looks like I might be heading back.

    • disqus_hVj9NwwMcK

      LOL you bought the s3 didn’t you know HTC “just works” and its Android, haha have fun with ur slow force close phone

  • Scott Erckman

    I switched from my HTC One to a Galaxy Note 3 and really miss the One. I plan on picking up this phone as soon as it is released.

    • toomuchgame441

      You and I both broham… I went from the One to a G2, and although I like my G2, theres always a piece of me that wants to buy back another HTC One.

    • Ritchie White

      Im going through the same exact issue! Like my note 3 but LOVE my HTC ONE

  • toomuchgame441

    This will undoubtedly be my next phone…Going to sell my G2 and iPad just to have one of these

  • CDavisUnlimited

    Why are people excited about on screen buttons? 4.7″ screen with capacative buttons, or 5″ screen with on screen buttons = the exact same amount of usable space. So there’s no real gain.

    • Del373

      Unless you consider fullscreen apps wherein the onscreen buttons hide themselves.

      • CDavisUnlimited

        Good point, I’ve just noticed with my Nexus 5 that almost no apps take advantage of fullscreen when in landscape mode.

  • Thoma Llambro

    Hi all. I have the HTC EVO LTE. Is it worth upgrading to this or any other phone.

  • LALinMN

    its about time

    • nestazhe265

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