Qualcomm buys hefty patent portfolio from HP, Palm, IPAQ, and Bitfone for undisclosed amount

Qualcomm Atheros

Qualcomm has just announced that they’ve purchased a vast treasure trove of patents from HP, HP Development Co, and Palm. According to the press release, Qualcomm now has an extra 1,400 granted/pending US patents at their disposal, with 1,000 granted/pending in other countries. The patents are said to cover “technologies that include fundamental mobile operating system techniques.” Sounds like a pretty big deal.

Qualcomm says this will help give their company added “value” to current and future licensees. And although Qualcomm wasn’t ready to disclose how much the patents set them back, in today’s mobile landscape, patents are definitely worth their weight in gold.

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  • WickedToby741

    “patents are definitely worth their weight in gold”

    *looks at Motorola*

  • robjackson81

    I’m still hoping WebOS turns into something I can buy again… but that’s LG and not HP, right? Or did HP license it to LG? And if so… then what?

    • KOLIO

      You’d think w/a name like QUALCOMM that a smartphone would be a no-brainer.

  • dhinged

    So is Qualcomm going to make a phone or become a patent troll?